My partner and I moved into our house in ‘Shoreditch on Sea’, aka Margate, back in 2020 with no furniture. Nada.

PHOTO: @lindsey_isla

This was our first home together – up until then we’d lived in furnished rentals or our parent’s house (yes, at times it was as hair-tearingly tricky as you can imagine), so we’d never needed to invest in furniture. 

Since the country was in lockdown and we didn’t have a car, thrifting was out of the question, so we decided to buy new. As you can imagine, our budget was modest but I (of course) have expensive taste. Only the best-looking pieces would do. I’d had my eye on the Scott sofa for years; the sofa was saved over and over again on my Pinterest and seemed like the best we could get for our budget. 

Obviously, I had my doubts, will it be comfortable (I’d never sat on one)? Will it stay clean (we have a dog)? Will it even fit (our terraced lounge is very cosy)?  Despite all this, the pink colour really won me over – I took the plunge and ordered it. 

Three months later, the box arrived and within less than an hour the sofa was up and I was (sat) down. From what I can remember it was very easy to assemble, I even did it on my own as I was in a mood at the time – renovating a house can really bring out the worst in you (and by you I mean me).  

PHOTO: @lindsey_isla

Since we’ve had the Scott sofa for almost two years now, I’m going to answer (as best I can) all the questions I had in my head before I bought it – I hope it helps!

Is the sofa easy to clean? 

Well, I’m going to confess something here, I washed my Scott covers in the washing machine. I put it to the test with a small cushion cover first – to my relief – it came out good as new. Unfortunately, the seat cushion cover can’t be removed (the part with the most marks), but the rest of it looks amazing. If you had a sofa cleaner or tried one of the TikTok hacks, I’m sure that would work really well. 

Is the Scott sofa comfortable? 

Yes and no, it depends on how long you’re sitting on it: an hour or so it’s perfect, but if you’re having a sofa day and a movie marathon then it can get a bit uncomfortable, but maybe that isn’t a bad thing. 

PHOTO: INSTAGRAM @lepetitmoose

Is the Scott Sofa easy to fit? 

Yes, I was able to fit it alone in under an hour. Tackling the recycling of the cardboard box after though? Not so easy – watch out for high winds. 

Is a good brand? 

I’m a big fan of, I think they offer some great design-lead pieces at an accessible price. Many compare them to IKEA, however, I think they offer some more interesting-looking pieces. You know the kind of things that have house guests asking ‘Ooo, where did you get that?’

How long does the sofa last? 

In February 2023, our sofa will be two years old and it’s still going really strong, the cushions are still plump and the legs don’t look like they’re about to give way, however, I guess as, with most things, it depends how often you use it..and what for. No judgment here, I assure you.  

How long does the Scott sofa take to deliver? 

We were told (via the website) it would take three months for ours to arrive, but in the end, it was just under that, however, I know this hasn’t and won’t be the case for everyone. 

Is the Scott sofa good? 

In short, yes, it has its downsides for sure, the fabric is prone to water stains and it might not be the sofa you have forever, but for the price tag and its beautiful image, I would recommend it to a friend. Which, if you’ve made it to the end of the article, I now consider you. 


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