Is there a perfect-sized cushion for your sofa?

Arguably, your sofa should be one of the best places in your home so you’ll want to make the most of it by adding the right-sized cushions.

I’m not just talking about dimensions here: you also want to think about plumpness and shape.

It’s my pet peeve: a single and sad, lacklustre-looking cushion, especially in public space; I can’t help but wonder how many backsides it’s taken to get it looking that way, but I digress.

As a general rule, 24 inches x 24 inches is as big as you want to go on the sofa, but as with most interiors, if it feels and looks like the best sized cushion to you – go for it.

photos: @lindsey_isla via Instagram

I like to throw different shapes in there, some of my cushions are rectangular, some are square and some are even round.

Texture is key to getting the best cushions for your sofa

Adding texture gives a space ‘visual weight‘ and draws attention to certain aspects of a room so, with cushions, your sofa is the easiest place to do this. Cushions can speak the language of the room, is it cosy and rustic? Do you want to encapsulate hygge with natural fabrics? Or do you want it sleek and modern with shine and smoothness?

blanket and cushion arrangements on a sofa
photo: spacejoy via unsplash

Do sofa cushions have to match?

Your pillows don’t have to be the same, but you’ll want them to match. As a wannabe minimalist (yes, I’m sorry, I am a huge fan of Kim-K’s white box), one of the very few things I do like to ‘collect’ is cushions. Most of mine aren’t the same but they do go together – in my opinion! Of course, opinions are subjective, go with your gut on this one.

photo: trend via unsplash

How many cushions look good on a sofa?

Well, this all depends on the size of your sofa and the size of your cushions. My partner would argue that we have too many, but what does he really know? As a guide: you need space to actually sit and I would always aim for an odd number.

How should my cushions be arranged?

Unless it’s a Wes Anderson set, I’m not a fan of symmetry, I like it to look like the cushions just accidentally found themselves there. Experiment with having them arranged to one side. Having different-sized cushions will help keep the arrangement looking *chefs kiss*.

photo: spacejoy via unsplash


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