Hunting for the most expensive-looking cushion or cushion covers for under £20? You’ve come to the right place.

As you may well know, I’m a huge fan of cushions and once you’ve sorted out what size cushion you’re after, they can be so much fun to shop for.

How to create texture in your bedroom using cushion covers for under £20
photo: Nathan Van via unspalsh

Of course, there are cushion covers available for every budget but if you don’t want to spend big, you don’t have to. You can still get the look you’re after without the hefty price tag.

Creating a beautiful looking cushion arrangement with cushion covers for under £20.
photo: space joy via unspalash

The key to an expensive looking cushion is all about two things: staying away from crushed velvet and making sure it’s plump. Nobody wants a saggy cushion.

So with all this in mind, here are my top ten cushion covers for under £20:


Ikea cushion cover for under £20

If you love a floral pattern then this cushion cover is for you. This would ‘pop’ amazingly on a bright orange sofa or add a touch of class to a dark chair – the velvet and piping make it look ever so luxe.

Ikea cushion cover for under £20

Checked cushions are a great classic and this cover in particular is so versatile. The thick ribbed fabric feels expensive and it would look amazing paired next to a cushion with lots of texture.

Ikea cushion cover for under £20

I’ve never met a stripe I don’t like and when that stripe is on a cushion cover, I’m in love. To me, stripes have a royalty about them so no one would ever guess this was less than £20. Pair that green with an aubergine coloured blanket and you’ve got yourself a colour scheme fit for a king.


cushion cover for under £20

You’d be hard pushed to find an influencer who doesn’t have a Mongolian cushion in their home, and if you’ve ever sat with one (a cushion, not an influencer) you’ll know just how comforting they are to touch. While there are a lot of colour-ways out there, if you’re going for one that’s under £20, I’d stick to a more muted palette – it’ll look more high-end.

cushion cover for under £20

Cottagcore is having a huge moment right now so anything with ruffles is going to be bang on trend. I love how this cushion embraces that, but in a subtle way with its block colour.


cushion cover for under £20

Creating cosiness is all about adding texture into your fabrics, which is why I think velvet is an excellent way to go with cushions. These from Dunelm come in such great colours and act as a wonderful partner to a cushion cover with more pizazz.


cushion cover for under £20 from Zara

This simple cushion cover from Zara has squeezed itself on the list by being just a smidgen under £20, but it’s definitely worth the money. Again, the piping and texture make it totally delicious.


cushion cover for under £20

It’s about time we saw some variety in this list and we can count on M&S to do it with this perfectly rounded cushion. Thrown onto any sofa or chair, it would be a sight to behold.

cushion cover for under £20

I can barely believe it myself, but this adorable cushion from M&S is in fact under £20. The tassels add so much fun, the embroidered tigers are adorable and rectangular cushions make such a lovely addition to a collection of pillows.

cushion cover for under £20

The pompoms on this cushion pulled at my heart strings so I couldn’t bare to leave it out. While it’s technically a kids cushion, I don’t see why this couldn’t be added to a living or dining room also. There’s always room for a bit of fun and personality when it comes to interiors, I think!


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