Should I use matte paint on my kitchen walls? 

Is matte paint on my kitchen walls a good choice? Here’s what I’ve discovered: 

I love a matte paint finish in my home. Maybe something about a chalky-looking wall speaks to me. Maybe there was so much high gloss on the walls when we first moved in, I was desperate to see the back of it. 

should i use matte paint on my kitchen walls
photo: Jorge de Jorge

Living with matte paint on the walls has taught me a thing or two, however, and in high-traffic areas, it ~might~ not be the best gal for the job.

Yep, ladies, gents and people, you’ve just witnessed me eating my words. 

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I’m a tidy person, obsessively so, but I’m messy about it. I drag things around without a care, I splash things about without a second thought and when it comes to spilling things – just ask my white t-shirts how that’s going. Therefore, I need a paint that’s forgiving and wipe-downable. 

Should I have used matte paint on my kitchen walls? Probably not.

Matte paint, similar to eggshell and opposed to silk, satin or high-gloss, has a very low-reflective finish. It’s most commonly used for interior walls and ceilings whereas silk, satin and high gloss, are traditionally used for woodwork. Gloss is the most durable paint finish, which is probably why our bannister rail was (sensibly) covered in the stuff. 

Now, not to say the matte paint on my kitchen walls isn’t durable, it is, but it’s not as easy as you might think to remove marks and stains, especially ones in the kitchen. It’s front and centre of my mind right now, a long drip-like stain above the cooker I can’t wipe away for love nor money.

should i use matte paint on my kitchen walls
photo: Shch Team

What paint finish is best for kitchen walls? 

If you’re looking for durable paint that’s going to be able to cope with cooking grease and stains then you’re best to go for silk or satin; especially in areas close to the sink, hob and cooker. The quality of the paint is an important factor too, the better the quality, the more durable it’s going to be and the longer it will last etc., etc., etc. 

Is matte paint washable? 

Most of the time, depending on the paint brand and quality, matte paint can be wiped down, but it can’t be scrubbed. However, it’s always best to check the paint manufacturer’s guide and take it case by case depending on the brand. 

should i use matte paint on my kitchen walls
photo: Good Soul Shop

What is matte emulsion paint used for? 

Matte paint is great for walls and ceilings, especially those that aren’t in high-traffic areas like hallways. Matte paint is also useful if your walls aren’t in the best condition because it hides imperfections, unlike silk, satin or gloss which can highlight them. 

Farrow & Ball’s Modern Emulsion is perfect for every room in the home with it’s super-tough finish. Washable, scuff-proof and protected against mould. Shop some of my favourite colours below:

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