Why should I put cushions on my bed? 

Want to know why you should put cushions on your bed? Here’s everything I know: 

It feels stereotypical to tell you how much I love cushions and how much my partner hates them. 

Maybe hate is a strong word, but he finds them annoying. To him, they’re stopping him getting into bed quickly; to me, they’re art. 

When it comes to my house, I see every piece of furniture as a decoration – be that a side cupboard or a coffee table. Each piece is a blank canvas I can style up and make beautiful. For some, it might feel like a show home, but I’m happy to take that criticism as a compliment. 

When it comes to my bed it’s no different; I see my bed as an opportunity to create something beautiful – and the best way to do that – cushions! 

How many cushions should you have on a bed?

This depends on the size of your bed and what ~feels~ right to you. You want to be able to layer cushions, so somewhere between three and seven should be about right. There is nothing sadder than one lonely squashed cushion in the middle of the bed *wipes away tears*.  

Where do you put bed cushions at night? 

If you’re anything like me, then they go on the floor in a pile – neatly of course – have we met!? If having things on the floor isn’t your cup of redbush (with oat milk, no sugar, in case you were wondering), then an empty dresser or a reading chair is also an option. I’d avoid putting them in a cupboard or another room; they’ll be too easy to ‘forget’ when you’re making the bed and they’ll never come back out.  

What is the purpose of extra pillows? 

Extra pillows are great decoration for a bedroom; they can add colour, texture and visual weight. They bring an overall design together by marrying colours already in the space. They also hide unsightly gaps between pillows and make a bed look comfortable, cosy and luxurious. 

How can I make my bed look cosy? 

Soft textures and harmonious colours can make a bed look and feel cosy. Layering blankets, cushions and duvets looks inviting, as long as they’re clean and in good condition. Cosy can often bring to mind hygge style interiors (natural textures and a neutral colour palette), however, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Bright and dark colours can still be cosy, but there are certain colours you should avoid altogether in the bedroom. Read more on this here

How many pillows are too many on a bed? 

This is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string; in short, it’s hard to know. You don’t want it to be a chore to take them on and off each day, but in general, the cushions and pillows should take up no more than a third of your bed when it’s made up. 

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How do I organise the cushions on my bed cushions? 

Organising cushions with the biggest at the back is a great way to start, but don’t be afraid to play around and see what you like most. I’d argue there are no rules when it comes to pillow styling, but if you’re really stuck then Pinterest is going to be your best friend here; find something you like and recreate it in your own way. 

How to dress a bed 

The aim of dressing a bed is to create something eye-catching, a focus point for your bedroom as well as something inviting and cosy. So to dress a bed, you want clean sheets and good quality bedding, with pillows that match the duvet. A throw is great for adding texture and plump pillows add visual weight and in the right colours, bring the whole look together.

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What to know what cushions you should put on your bed? Shop my top picks from Etsy marketplace below:

Why should i put cushions on my bed? black and white chevron cushion as seen in vogue

Monochrome velvet chevron – £24.99

Why should i put cushions on my bed? checkerboard cushion in lilac

Checkerboard pillow – £9.99

Why should i put cushions on my bed? boho cushion with orange and pink mountains

Boho cushion cover – £7.99

Why should i put cushions on my bed? linen natural texture with grey stripe

SMITH Stripe woven cushion – £30.99

Why should i put cushions on my bed? red candy striped with frill

Red striped frill cushion – £55

Why should i put cushions on my bed? orange cushion cover with blue piping - seaside - nautical

Striped pinkish orange decorative cushion cover with blue piping – £14.84

Why should i put cushions on my bed? red gingham cushion with frill

Frill gingham cushion – £32.99

Why should i put cushions on my bed? aubergine striped cushion with frill

Wide stripe ruffle cushion – £29.99

Why should i put cushions on my bed? pink cottagecore frill cushion

Blue and pink block printed cushion with frills – £40

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