The best shade of pink for a bedroom 

Picking the best shade of pink for a bedroom comes down to a few key things, keep reading if you’re desperate to find out: 

Whenever I think of how much I like the colour pink, I can’t help but (begrudgingly) think of the pink song on TikTok ‘I Like Pink’ by Maeva Stier. It lives rent-free in my head most days. Yeah, that’s how often I think about how much I like love pink. 


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♬ I Like Pink – Maeve Stier

The reason pink is so brilliant, and why I love it so much, is because it goes with every other colour. Yep, you read that right. Every. Other. Colour. 

What is the best shade of pink for a bedroom? 

Pink is made from red and white being mixed together and even though the colours aren’t too dissimilar, red isn’t a great colour for your bedroom. 

Red is the colour of danger, courage, passion and sacrifice which means it can stimulate you too much and cause you to feel anxious; you want your bedroom to be a relaxing place, somewhere you can switch off and chill out, therefore, the less red your pink is, the better. Think blush pink, peach pink and baby pink as opposed to hot pink, barbie pink and magenta. 

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Is pink a good colour for the bedroom? 

Pink is a nurturing, playful and nostalgic colour; it represents tenderness and affection. When you walk into a pink room, it can feel like you’re getting a hug, which is why it makes a great colour for a warm and comfortable bedroom. 

What colour goes with pink walls? 

When picking a colour to go with pink walls, you want to ask yourself what you want the other colour to bring to the room. For example, in a bedroom, blue would be a great match because it’s a very peaceful colour and would enhance sleep. 

What colours go with blush pink? 

Blush pink is a really popular shade of pink right now and a really pretty choice for a bedroom. Pink and green are a very pleasing colour combination – green represents nature which can have a positive effect on our mood. Pastel blue is another good match for blush pink as well as grey, beige and white.

Can adults have a pink bedroom? 

photo: Nathan Defiesta

Some people may be resistant to a pink bedroom because of its child-like, uber-feminine connotations, however, it’s fast becoming a very popular choice for an adult bedroom. If you want to use pink, but are scared of it feeling too adolescent, then a chalky pink is a good way to go; grounding the colour with shades like black, navy, brown and forest green will also make it feel less sugar and spice and all things nice. 

What colours are for 2022 bedrooms? 

According to Country Living, green, white, blue and grey are the most popular bedroom colours of 2022. 

What colour shouldn’t be used in a bedroom? 

You want to avoid bright yellows and reds in a bedroom; they can overstimulate your brain and cause you to feel anxious. Grey and brown might be very popular colours right now, however, they can suck the life out of a room and make you feel really sad and depressed if around them for too long. Read more on this here.

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The best shade of pink for a bedroom - farrow and ball


The best shade of pink for a bedroom - farrow and ball


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