How often should I redecorate my house? 

How often should I redecorate my house? It might be more often than you think. 

I’m someone who really likes change; I hate walking the same way twice, I’m more than happy to move to a different town and I’ve had more hairstyles than a toddler’s had nappies. For me, I’d be happy to redecorate every year, if my schedule would allow it, but I know this isn’t what everyone wants to do. 

Redecorating is one of my favourite past times; I love experimenting with the latest trend I’ve seen. It feels almost addictive, the dopamine hit I get from sitting in a newly decorated room.

When you’re looking to redecorate, different areas are going to need redecorating more often than others. Hallways, for example, and other high-traffic areas get knocked and scratched easily, which makes them more prone to needing to be redecorated than say, your lounge. 

How often should I redecorate my house - candy striped ceiling and wall
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Well, I say redecorating, they might need a few touch-ups here and there, rather than a complete restyle. 

Another thing to consider when redecorating is sustainability; out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new thinking, can have a huge impact on the planet so anything you already own that can be mended or up-cycled is going to be better for the environment. 

How often do people redecorate their house on average? 

On average, people redecorate every five years and the younger you are, the more likely you are to redecorate. However, interior designers recommend you redecorate every three to four years to stop your room from looking outdated.

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How often should I redecorate my house - bathroom renovation

How often should you redecorate a living room? 

If your living room decor is very trend-lead then you’re going to want to redecorate it more often than if your living room is designed more traditional.

Lifestyle habits have a part to play in how often you need to redecorate. Are you always having parties? Do you have young children who get grubby hands on the walls? Taking these factors into consideration, there is no set rule, but once every four years seems to be the average. 

What are the basic rules for decorating? 

When it comes to decorating, I’d make sure you go for a design you really love, not one you think you should love. Paint colour can play a huge role in how your home feels once it’s been decorated so this is key. For example, avoid painting north-facing rooms in cool colours and be careful with too much grey; it can make you feel down and unhappy. 

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What are the rules for decorating walls? 

There are so many ways you can decorate a wall; you can wallpaper it, panel it or paint it bright colours, but before all that, you want to make sure the wall itself is in good condition and ready to be decorated. To do this, remove any old wallpaper, fill in any holes, sand it down and give it a wash with sugar soap. 

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