New in H&M Home for under £15: warning, may contain the word ‘Christmas’

New in from H&M home this week and all for under £15 – what more could you want? 

Maybe because it’s almost the season of all seasons (Christmas) or because we’re sick of all-greige interiors, but I’m seeing more pops of colour in homeware than ever before. 

H&M’s new homeware this week is no different, they’ve gone for it with primary colours and I’m here for it – I’m sure you will be too. If you do have a more muted home, then a bright blue candle or a striped tea towel might be the home update you’ve been looking for this winter. 

As ever, H&M is on it when it comes to design-lead pieces and this year’s trends and I’m sure there is going to be more than one thing on this list that’s going to make you fall in luuurve. 

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Shop now: new in H&M Home for under £15 

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New in H&M Home for under £15 mustard cushion cover with grid check


Grid check is everywhere right now; we’ve seen it on wallpaper, tiles and (now) these H&M cushion covers. The three colourways are all gorgeous in their own way, but there is something about this mustard one that’s really speaking to me. Updating cushion covers (especially when they’re as fairly priced as these), is a relatively budget-friendly way to update your home. If you invest in a good-quality insert or pad then your decor will feel more high-end.

New in H&M Home for under £15 red candy striped tea towel


Never have I ever met a red candy stripe I don’t like and these tea towels are no exception. Although they’d be a dream all year round, they could also give your kitchen the little festive boost it’s been missing. 

New in H&M Home for under £15  blue fluted candles


Candles have literally been coming in all shapes and sizes over the past few years, but I predict we could be nearing the end of this trend. As nice as they are when you get them, you feel too guilty to light them and the wax gathers a lot of dust. Instead, swap the dirt collectors for traditional tapers in bright colours: this blue will pop on your dining table and they’re easy to replace after you burn them down. 

New in H&M Home for under £15 red espresso mug


Since my time in Lisbon over the summer, I’ve been hooked on espressos. I don’t have many vices, especially since kicking booze to the curb last January, so this ritual has become important to me. As I’m sure you’ll know, like trying to drink wine out of a teacup, part of the fun of this silly little ritual is having the ‘right’ mug – these espresso cups are just that! 

New in H&M Home for under £15 porcelain spoons in red
New in H&M Home for under £15 porcelain spoons in speckled browns


Someone give me strength because I want these so badly. How can anything be this adorable? I’ll take both colourways, sir, thank you. 

New in H&M Home for under £15 baguette christmas decoration


Christmas decorations, but keeping it chic. I like it, I like it. One of each? Yeah, my thoughts exactly. 

New in H&M Home for under £15  green mustard striped towel


You can never have enough hand towels, right? Again, note the stripes – I love a good stripe. These mustard and green hand towels would be great as a single set or you could mix and match the colours. They also come with bath towels if you want to get the whole family. As in the whole family of towels – not, buy them for your whole family…although now I think of it, could be cute.

New in H&M Home for under £15 pink metal bowls nibbles and snacks


Confession: this edit was originally going to feature pieces under £10, but then I saw these bowls and I had to share them with you. How gorgeous would these look on your table when you’re hosting this Christmas? Twiglet anyone? 

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