Furniture colour trends 2022: give your home the wow-factor now!

Are furniture colour trends something you think about when you’re shopping for your home?

If you’re going for the flat pack stuff, furniture colours can be really uninspiring; I think back to shopping for our wardrobes – it was tough picking between white or white.

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However, now we’re heading for the end of 2022, furniture colour trends are beginning to change and it’s getting exciting.

Candy colours

Candy colours are going to be a huge trend for 2023 and we can already see the makings of this in 2022, especially on pieces like dining and reading chairs.

Repainting tired dining chairs in candy pink would be bang on trend and bring your home a new lease of life.

Nature inspired colours

Nature-inspired colour schemes are going absolutely nowhere. Beige, pale blue, green and earthy browns bring a sense of calm to a room so I can totally see the appeal.

Tan Leather

Leather furniture can be hit or miss so I would avoid anything too harsh, like black, if you want to stay on trend. Tan leather is very popular right now and pairs beautifully with candy pinks and candy blues – how perfect, hey?

Chocolate brown

You heard it here first, the 70s are back, but this time it’s slightly more glamorous. Chocolate brown furniture is very popular, but instead of pairing it with orange for a very vintage look, pair it with deep purples, maroons and reds.

Joyful colours

As well as candy colours, bright joyful colours are having a moment. A couple of years ago, it was all about pastels, but now colours have taken on a deeper and stronger hue. Block coloured furniture is a very easy way to incorporate this into a space you’ve already curated.

What is the most popular furniture style 2022

Furniture is taking on more sculptural shapes; boxy sofas are on their way out and in their place, bubble-like couches with curved edges.

Is grey still in style for 2022

While most new builds and commercial spaces may still opt for grey, in our own homes, grey is on its way out. While it can be a great backdrop for other colours, psychologically, grey can suck the joy out of a space and make you feel down in the dumps.

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Is brown furniture coming back in 2022 in the UK?

There will always be a place for brown furniture, especially in the UK. Since we’re seeing a huge shift towards more sustainability and people wanting to connect with nature, furniture in natural wood is a huge hit.

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