Do black taps scratch? (How to keep them streak-free now)

Do black taps scratch? From someone who used black faucets in their bathroom.

There are so many decisions to be made when you’re renovating your bathroom and kitchen, faucets just being one of them.

do black taps scratch? How to keep them streak-free
photo: Dean Tyler

Black taps can look really smart; they compliment lots of interior styles and they’re on trend right now (a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either).

You might want to buy black taps for your own home, but you’re worried about their durability. Are they a good investment – i.e. do they scratch?

I’ve lived with black faucets for a year, up until now, most of them have remained in good condition, apart from where the shower hose and the wall mount rub up against each other – this part has scratched due to wear and tear.

do black taps scratch? (how to keep them streak free now)
photo: Bluewater Sweden

The taps are all good though; they don’t come into contact with anything that’s going to cause damage – other than watermarks, they’re unscathed.

Are black taps difficult to clean?

Black taps are no more difficult to clean than any other type of tap.

To clean them properly, use a solution of warm-soapy water and rub them in a circular motion; you want to avoid scratching them with anything abrasive.

Unlike chrome, they can’t be rubbed with wax or polish, this will fade the colour quickly.

photo: Sam Yink

Do black taps get watermarks?

While they are easy to clean, black taps do show water marks, especially in a hard water area.

I have black faucets in my bath and shower which are always water-marked, but the mint green tap over my sink is easy to maintain – a year on, it looks as good as new.

To prevent the water marks, keep a microfibre cloth close by and wipe them down after you’ve used them. A regular routine will keep them streak-free.

What are the best black taps to buy?

If you’re going for black taps then make sure they’re good-quality; do your research and read product reviews. You need the black coating to be strong so it doesn’t chip off. Investing a bit more in the beginning could help you in the long run.

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Do black taps scratch when you install them?

Simple plumbing tools can scratch black taps as they’re being installed. You trust your plumber, right?!

Extra precautions should be made – use cloths and plastic covers over tools, as and when you can.

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