How to store paint at home: Where should I store paint in my house?

How to store paint at home: find the right temperature, place and container for leftover paint.

To my detriment, I’ve used a lot of different paint colours in my house which means I have an abundance of leftover paint tins and paint cans to store. If you’re anything like me, you won’t know where to keep them.

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Some of mine where in the shed, some were in the loft and others, well, I couldn’t even remember where they’d got to.

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Where should I store paint in my house?

After lots of tests (having painted most of my house!) the one key thing is making sure it’s stored away from direct sunlight. Also, to avoid it drying up, make sure you’re storing it an airtight container.

Some great places to store paint would be:

  • Kitchen drawer / storage cupboard – away from everything else
  • Cupboard under the stairs – easy to rach and not stacked too high
  • Basement – again, well covered and ensure pots are sealed

The general rule… you’ll want an area that’s dry, dark and cool so the paint can stay as fresh as a daisy!

Is it ok to store paint outside? 

Ideally, paint should be kept inside your home where you can control the climate. Outside sheds and garages can become too cold or damp in winter and too hot in summer.

When the paint is kept in unsuitable conditions it changes consistency and gets ruined.

Does the paint need to be stored in a cool place? 

Room temperature is the perfect temperature for storing paint, so somewhere between 10 and 21 degrees Celsius. 

How to store paint at home
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Where do you store paint in the winter?  

In the winter particularly, you’ll want to store paint inside your house, in a cupboard or in a basement where it won’t freeze and get spoilt

How long can you store paint at home? 

If properly sealed and stored, paint can last about five years (on average). 

Is it safe to store paint in the house? 

It is safe to store paint in the house, as long as it is stored in a temperature-controlled area, like a cupboard or in the basement. For safety, keep the paint away from food, drink, children and pets.

What is the best container to store paint in?

Leftover paint can be stored in plastic, glass or lined metal cans. A wide-mouth canning jar is a really good place to store leftover paint, you can decanter the paint easily and at a glance, you can spot the colour of the paint quickly. 

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How to store paint at home

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