Master bedroom trends 2022: bedroom interior design trends 2022

Master bedroom trends 2022: learn from my mistakes

Don’t get me wrong, I love my bedroom, but does it feel like a master bedroom?

Certainly not. 

When I think of a master bedroom, I think of a grand room – one with a four-poster bed, a mattress you can barely reach and karate-chopped cushions. There might be a reading chair in the corner, a polished set of wardrobes and a golden colour scheme. 

I like to have a lot of room in my home, I hate over-crowding, so the furniture in my bedroom doesn’t take up much space and looks a bit apologetic.

I wish I’d gone for a bed with more of a ‘King-like’ quality to it – something with a huge headboard in a rich fabric to make it feel more like the master bedroom. 

When painting, I went up to an imaginary dado rail on the wall; in hindsight, this line makes it feel less grandiose than if I’d gone up to the ceiling. 

It’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but next time I’m going for more ‘look at me’ furniture and paint work.

I want decor that makes it feel more like a master bedroom: larger-than-life cushions, sexy furniture and luxurious bedding.

This year it’s all about stand-out headboards, vanilla colours, nature inspired textures, blue bedding and wooden flooring.

What is the decorating trend for 2022?

Bedroom interior design trends are seeing bedrooms being painted in soft muted tones, like pinks, greens and greys.

However, expect to see a more maximalist approach to decor in the upcoming months, not just in your bedroom but the rest of your house too.

Slowly but surely, for 2023, we’ve seen colour creeping in and a spotlight on craft and sustainability.

What are the bedroom interior design trends 2022?

Nature-inspired master bedrooms have been bang on trend for 2022, with vanilla-like colour schemes and earthy textures. We’ve seen lots of upholstered headboards as well as plants and gallery walls.

Most people are still opting for traditional floorboards over carpets, either painted white or varnished. While feature walls aren’t very popular, painted murals, paint zoning and painted ceilings will continue to be big right into 2023. 

Bedding trends for a master bedroom

Blue bedding continues to be a big trend for sheets because it’s classic and timeless, as well as nature-inspired prints in colours such as green, mustard and red. 

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What is the best colour for a master bedroom?

Blue is the best colour for a master bedroom, not only does it look great, but it will improve your sleep-quality and help you feel calm and relaxed. 

Master bedroom trends for 2022 might be dedicated to more muted tones, but they won’t be as good for your well-being.

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How do I make my master bedroom stand out?

Wallpaper can be a fantastic way to make your master bedroom stand out as well as wooden panelling, bold painted ceilings, big pieces of art and plush bedding.

Shop my favourite master bedroom headboards below:

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Master bedroom trends 2022 rattan headboard

Flores vintage rattan headboard – La Redoute £137.50

Master bedroom trends 2022 blue velvet

Flora azure blue velvet headboard – Oliver Bonas £595

Master bedroom trends 2022 pink velvet

Flora dusty pink velvet headboard – Oliver Bonas £595

Master bedroom trends 2022 rattan headboard wicker

Wicker headboard – Dunelm from £199

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