Do pink and red go together in a room? 

“Do pink and red go together in a room?” Your question answered. 

When I was growing up, I remember fashion magazines, the TV and probably my Mum telling me you ‘can’t put pink and red together.’ It was basically criminal. 

I would have lived and died by this rule back then, but fast forward to 2022 and it’s my favourite colour combination ever. While complementary colours are pleasing to the eye, monochromatic colour schemes also have their place – like red and pink. 

Do pink and red go together? 

Red and pink are basically the same colour and they both have cool undertones so they make a nice pairing; execute it in the right way and it can be a match made in colour-wheel heaven. 

Do pink and red go together in a room
photo: Georgy Rudakov

How to decorate with pink and red:

Red is a very powerful colour; we often associate it with anger or danger and it can make us feel stressed and anxious.

To play it safe, use red as the accent colour and pink (which is a much calmer hue) as the main event.

For example, a blush pink wall with a red window frame could be delightful. 

What pink goes best with red?

There are so many different shades of pink and so many different shades of red so it’s hard to say, but for me, I love a primary red with blush pink.

To discover what you like the most, it’s best to experiment; use colour cards, paint test pots and create mood boards. Don’t think too hard about it; just go with the combination you’re drawn to.

photo: @lindsey_isla

What colour goes with pink walls?

Pink goes with every colour in the rainbow so you have an overwhelming amount of choice. Different colours evoke different emotions in us so as a starting point, decide what atmosphere you want to create and pick a colour based on that.

What colours go with red walls?

  • Pink – for a monochrome look
  • Blue – for a beautiful colour clash
  • Grey – masculine feel
  • Brown – for a vintage vibe
  • Green – for a playful look
  • Yellow – for a burst of energy
  • Coral – again, a great monochromatic look
  • Purple – for a luxe feel
  • Black – punchy and punky

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Pink and red living room inspiration:

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