The best Glassette table lamps and lampshades under £200

Glassette: the best place on the internet for a stylish table lamp!

You don’t get many moments on Laura Jackson’s online interior marketplace, Glassette, before you’re fallen in love with something.

Although there are some absolute gems on the marketplace, the Glassette table lamps and lampshades are where you’ll usually find me scrolling – heart eyes out and mouth agape.

Rather than keep it all to myself I thought I’d get into the Christmas spirit and share my favourite Glassette table lamps and lampshades with you.

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Now I know as well as you do, Glassette can be a little bit pricey (and for good reason) so I’ve given us a little budget, just to keep the bank intact at this particularly ‘spendy’ time of year.

Table Lamps Under £200

Glassette Table Lamps Under £200

In small doses, bright yellow is a lovely colour to have around your home because it evokes feelings of joy and happiness, as does this beautiful yellow lamp. I love how the natural twine lampshade contrasts the bright colour, but you could pair this with any lampshade and it would still look pretty smart.

Fluted table lamp yolk – Trove £190

Glassette Table Lamps Under £200

I don’t think there is anything that encapsulates my interior design personality more than this lamp: the block colour, the simplicity, the pop of colour. It’s perfect. Someone hide my credit card from me. Quick!

Wiggle lamp – Bias Editions £150

Glassette Table Lamps Under £200

Sticking with the Kermit theme here with this super smart lamp base in green. This classic wooden design is beautiful, plus, you know you’d have it for a lifetime.

Hexton lampbase – Compton Marbling £100

Glassette Table Lamps Under £200

I know we already had a wiggle lamp, but I couldn’t possibly leave this one out of the list since I’m always drawn to red, even more so in the past year. It’s such a good base, picking a lampshade to go with it would be so much fun – sounds like I don’t get out very much, doesn’t it?!

Wiggle lamp base – Bias Editions £95

Lampshades under £200

Glassette lampshades under £200

Have I died and gone to heaven or is this just the best lampshade on the planet? Everything about this is amazing. Everything.

Triple red ric rac – Alice Palmer and Co

Glassette lampshades under £200

Something about this lampshade makes me want to sing ‘the sun has got his hat on’, do you know the nursery rhyme? My Grandma used to sing it to me when I was little ~all~ the time, but I digress. There is something so jolly about lampshade and the scalloped edges are just plain cute.

Mimi scalloped lampshade – Hastshilp £100

Glassette lampshades under £200

Is it just me or do illustrations of the sun with a face remind you of the 90s? I swear my older sister’s bedrooms were full of them. We’re in a bit of a Y2K/90s revival right now so it seems only fitting to include this. It comes in a few different colours if you fancy mixing and matching.

Sunne lampshade | Azure – Stoff Studios £70

Glassette lampshades under £200

I’ve been a little bit over gingham for a while now, but I love this updated version of the print. The hand-painted lines give it a really rustic edge; it would be a sight for sore eyes if you had this in your home.

Hand painted gingham lampshade in rust – Hum London £74

Glassette lampshades under £200

In my eyes, you can’t go wrong with a pleated lamp shade and you can’t go wrong with stripes – considering this has both, I think we’ve hit the jackpot.

Forest green stripe pleated lampshade – Ceau Store £98

Glassette lampshades under £200

These colours scream 70s glamour, which is very on trend for 2023. This jazzy lampshade would bring the party to any home decor…just imagine this with a wiggle lamp base. Stunning!

Sosa | Barbados cherry lampshade – Dar Leone £99

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