The house party: Happy New Year

Happy New Year and welcome to the first weekly edit of 2023.

My festive period was a very quiet one; I didn’t find myself at any glam parties or glitzy events, and ya’ know what, it was perfect. I feel the happiest and calmest I’ve felt in years.

Getting through January can feel a bit like trudging through thick mud, but I’m feeling energised and ready for 2023 so I hope this little edit will get you feeling the same way.

I spent a lot of my time off working through thoughts in my head and writing down my feelings; my journal has been my best friend, which is why it’s the first thing I’m putting on my edit this week.

Lindsey Isla Henderson

I love Papier journals – mine is always sat on my bedside table so I remember to journal and do SAVERS (where are my Miracle Morning fans at, hey?) – they have the most beautiful designs; below are some of my faves:

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Grow and Soar Notebook – Papier £23


Colourful Journal and Notebook

Colourblock Notebook – Papier £20.70

The House Party Weekly Edit

Wonder Notebook – Papier £20.70

I’ve spent about 60% of my time lately, alright, who am I kidding…about 80% of my time in my Jasper Conran dressing gown. This was a gorgeous gift from my in-laws and I am in love with it. I’ve never had a ‘nice’ dressing gown before and I have to say, feeling chic and cosy when I’m haunting my house has been really life changing. It’s good to feel good, you know.

Soft Lightweight Woven Stripe Hooded Robe – Jasper Conran £85

My mother was obsessed with us wearing slippers in the house when we were younger so as some sort of rebellion, I’m sure, I’d always been reluctant to wear them as an adult, however, I was gifted some UGG slippers and I have to admit, I’m converted.

The house Party

UGG Tan Scuff Sis Slippers – Schu £90

We have original wooden floorboards in our little house and the difference to my body temperature when I’m wearing slippers is astounding, they keep me so warm. Hate to say it, but my mother was right.

Jessie Bush recently posted her living room on Instagram and my heart almost burst when I saw the photos, I love it. Red, blue and olive green is a great colour combination and I am keen to try something like this in my own home. Keep me away from the paint brushes someone. Please.

I really enjoy cooking, especially when I have the time to properly do so and TikTok (the fountain of all knowledge) has been the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to vegan recipes. One of my favourite foodie TikTokers is Maya Leinenbach (@fitgreenmind). I recently made her carrot crunch pitta and Veggie Tagine. By Joanne – they did not disappoint.

Lindsey Isla Henderson

Lastly, I couldn’t sign off without mentioning candles! I’ve been burning through them like nobody’s business (I’m really into those three wick ones) and I’ve spied a few in the January sales, take a peek if you’re also a candle fanatic – yeah, I thought so, kindred spirits you and me.

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Apothecary 18 Jar Candle – Anthropologie £18

Berwick White Ceramic Centrepiece Candle – Oliver Bonas £22.50

Scented Candle in Glass Holder – H&M £8

Anna and Nina Piped Candle Holder – Anthropologie £9

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