Is Oliver Bonas a luxury brand?

Everything you need to know about Oliver Bonas.

Oliver Bonas, the homeware company, is a luxury high street brand (you’ll often spot them in train stations, too).

High street brands I really-truly love are few and far between these days; Oliver Bonas is one of them.

The high-street has changed so much since I was younger; I used to love going shopping with my Mum/friends/colleagues – it felt like a genuine hobby (as good or as bad as it sounds), but recently shopping has left me feeling a little…well, depressed.

Nowadays, it’s rare to find a shop I enjoy spending time in; since online shopping is so convenient, many high-street stores have disappeared, leaving behind empty stores or pound shops.

Is oliver bonas a luxury brand

However, Oliver Bonas has managed to survive and I’m happy about it.

Whenever I find myself in an Oliver Bonas store, I’m never sure what treasures I’m going to find and that’s the beauty of it.

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Is Oliver Bonas a luxury brand?

Oliver Bonas is considered one of the high street’s most luxurious homeware brands in the UK.

Who is the Oliver Bonas target audience?

The target audience for the store is considered to be primarily affluent females between the age of 20 and 40-years-old.

Is oliver bonas a luxury brand

What kind of shop is Oliver Bonas?

Oliver Bonas has an eclectic mix of homeware, jewellery, fashion and gifts. After the perfect gift for your best friend or a work colleague you barely know? It’s likely you’ll find something at OB.

Is Oliver Bonas a British brand?

Oliver Bonas opened its first store in Fulham, London in 1993. The Independent British lifestyle store is UK-based and has 85 stores across the country.

everything you need to know about oliver bonas

What is Oliver Bonas company culture?

‘Work hard, play hard and be kind.’

Who owns Oliver Bonas?

The founder and managing director of Oliver Bonas, Oliver Tress, owns the lifestyle company.

everything you need to know about lifestyle brand Oliver Bonas

Where does the ‘Bonas’ come from in Oliver Bonas?

Oliver Bonas was named after Oliver Tress’ then girlfriend, Anna Bonas.

Why is Oliver Bonas so successful?

Oliver Bonas was the first company on the high-street to pay its staff the living-wage. Its company model has paid off and the brand now has over 80 stores across Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

Are Oliver Bonas dog friendly?

Oliver Bonas stores are very dog-friendly as long as they’re well behaved.

Does Oliver Bonas sizing come up small?

Oliver Bonas sizing usually runs large or comes up true to size. If in doubt grab your usual size or the size below, depending on the fit you prefer.

Does Oliver Bonas test on animals?

Oliver Bonas do not accept any products that test on animals; they take animal welfare very seriously.

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