How to protect your car from your dog

The easy way to protect your car from your dog’s hair, mud and scratches.

I hit my thirties and then BAM, it was like a light switch went on and all I wanted to do for fun, was walk my dog in nature.

I sound like a right fuddy-duddy, but going for a long muddy walk is, literally, me living my best life.

how to protect your car from your dog
photo: Karsten Winegear

As much as I love my dog – she’s a poochon, she’s called Sunday, have you met? – I also love my car and sometimes those two things don’t mix well.

To access woodland walks (my favourite kind of walk) nearby, I have to drive so it means the pooch is jumping in with me.

Unfortunately, as much as I’ve tried to explain it to her, she doesn’t understand why she can’t put her muddy paws, well…absolutely everywhere.

How can I protect my car with my dog?

There are a couple of solutions for keeping your car clean and protected when it comes to your dog; a lot of which, depends on the size and temperament of your pup.

how to protect your car from your dog
photo: Victor Grabarczy

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how to protect your car from your dog - dog hammock

Petface car seat cover – Argos £23

One of my favourites is the doggy hammock; this one from Argos had great reviews so I gave it a try.

What I like most about the hammock is how it prevents your pet from being able to hang out in the footwell because, lo and behold, you’ll pop a blanket on the seat and they’ll decide they want to snuggle up on the floor instead.

It has designated holes for their seatbelt to pop through so you can still fasten them in and it’s waterproof.

However, it’s not the strongest piece of equipment ever made and it can tear if your dog isn’t on their best behaviour.

how to protect your car from your dog - dog crate

Streetwize dog crate for boot – Argos £35

When you and your pet are travelling together, a crate is a very good option for keeping them both safe and secure, but due to the bulky nature, crates can damage and scratch your car so it’s something to watch out for.

how to protect your car from your dog - single seat cover

Front dog seat cover – Amazon £15.99

Single seat covers can be useful, but if your dog is anything like mine, they’ll sit anywhere but where you want them to.

how to protect your car from your dog - dog guard

Sakura Headrest Dog Guard – Amazon £19.99

Dog guards are very popular and great if you’re happy for your pet to sit in the boot.

how to protect your car from your dog - dog drying bag

Lucky paws dog drying bag – Amazon £21.99

If you only need to protect your car when your dog is wet or muddy, then a dry bag could be for you. For long haired dogs though, they can cause their fur to matt.

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how to protect your car from your dog
photo: Peri Stojnic

How can I keep my dog from shedding in my car?

If you want to prevent your dog from shedding in your car, then there are a couple of measures you can take, although sadly, none of them are perfect.

Brushing your dog before they get in helps remove any loose hair, but it’s time consuming and not great if you’re in a rush.

You could dress your dog in a pet onesie or a loose fitting t-shirt, but in the height of summer this could be uncomfortable for them.

How do you get dog hair off your car?

Here are seven things you can use to remove pet hair from your car:

  1. A fabric softener and water solution sprayed on before hoovering
  2. Damp dryer sheet
  3. Sticky tape
  4. Lint roller
  5. A squeegee used as a rake
  6. Damp rubber gloves
  7. Velcro hair rollers

What is the law on dogs in cars UK?

According to the highway code, dogs must be restrained when they’re in the car by a seatbelt attached to a lead or a harness, otherwise, they can also sit in a crate.

Where is the safest place for a dog in the car?

While driving, a crate is the safest option for your dog – they can’t move around and distract the driver and they’re great if you happen to get into an accident.

how to remove pet hair from your car
photo: T R Photography

Can my dog travel in the passenger seat?

Your dog can travel in the passenger seat as long as they’re suitably restrained. The seat should be moved back as far as possible and the passenger airbags should be turned off.

Do dog seat belts really work?

Dog seat belts are a great way of keeping your pet secure when they’re in the car and they’re also relatively cheap to buy, however, safety wise, they’re not as good as crates.

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