New in from Zara Home: get ready for this!

Zara Home have truly outdone themselves.

Zara Home isn’t the first place I would go for homeware, it has to be said.

Not because I don’t think it’s beautiful, but as a colour lover, I’ve never felt like it was very ‘me’.

I’m ready to tell the world I was wrong, though.

The new homeware this week, although it may be suited to a more neutral taste, is nothing short of stunning; there are certainly more than a couple of pieces I’d be happy to snap up.

As a homeware editor, I am a big lover of high-street homeware: you can get a lot for your money and, unlike fashion, I think we tend to hold onto homeware much longer – it ends up being very cost effective, indeed.

While industrial homeware was around for a long time, we’re starting to see a shift into the more cottage-y decor and I absolutely love it, Zara have certainly picked up on this too, from bread making to floral plates, there are a lot of pieces new in this week that’ll make you go ‘awwwwwww’.

Keep reading to discover everything I love below:

If my pup was snoozing in this basket next to the log burner (the log burner I don’t actually have), I’d be stuck watching her all day – it’s adorable.

new in from zara home: get ready for this. Pet basket

Pet basket – from £39.99

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This is the bread basket I didn’t know I needed in my life.

Have I turned into one of ~those~ people who only buys bread from the bakery? Alright…maybe, but with this bread bag, I need something in there to keep it looking topped up.

new in from zara home: get ready for this. Bread bag.

Bread bag with closure – £19.99

This is giving striped cushion, but make it suitable for the summer house – I love it.

pink striped cushion from zara home

Striped cushion cover – £19.99

Bar stools have got to be some of the ugliest pieces of furniture known to man (IMO), but thankfully, Zara home has put that to bed with these beautiful wicker bar stools. SOLD!

FYI -they come in black too.

new in from zara home: get ready for this. Bar stool with back.

Ash bar stool – £189.99

Glassware is too easy to collect, don’t you think? There is so much beautiful glassware around – these orange tumblers included.

orange tumbler - zara home

Borosilicate glass tumbler with lines – £5.99

I really, really, really can’t get over this plate. Have you ever seen anything so cute? Round of applause for this little guy – seriously.

zara home floral terracotta plate

Floral terracotta side plate – £9.99

These white metal baskets are some of the best looking vegetable storage containers I’ve ever seen. Going forward, I want all my storage to be this chic.

vegetable storage baskets and fruit bowls zara home

Lacquered basket – £29.99

Now this striped duvet set really is smart. This would act as a gorgeous base for a patterned blanket and some funky cushions. It’s like plain white, but better.

new in from zara home: get ready for this. Striped bedding.

Striped duvet cover – from £49.99

Catch up on this week’s edit from Editor, Lindsey Isla, here.

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