The house party: V is for Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – do you have any plans?

When I was single, it was my least favourite day of the year so I understand why it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

One of my most embarrassing memories growing up is of Valentine’s Day; I’d given a card to a boy in my class and he ripped it up in front of me. I was mortified and even though I’m over it now (I promise) the memory still comes flooding back every February 14th.

Thanks brain, of all the things you choose to forget you’ve decided to cling onto that one.

If only I could go back and hold my younger self; I’d tell her it all works out in the end and boys are annoying anyway – haha.

In previous relationships, I thought the holiday was a little silly, but now I’m older and granted, happily married, I feel like any chance to celebrate love and happiness is a good thing; even if that’s love for yourself, your friends or your partner.

Along with making Valentine’s plans, I’ve been up to all sorts of exciting things this week including a trip to Perry Woods (a very lovely walk outside of Canterbury), as well as buying wellies, cooking sprouts to perfection and renting the film Amsterdam on YouTube.

See, I told you it’s been a thrilling week for me – my obsession with oven-roasted sprouts is out of control.

Amsterdam film review

I didn’t ~love~ Amsterdam, which was a big surprise considering the all-star cast. I found it difficult to follow at times, but the acting was 10/10 as well as the cinematography, costume and makeup – I would recommend watching it just for that.

If your head is in home-makeover mode (or you just like having a look around people’s homes) then you have to watch the flat tour of Lick’s founder, Tash.

There are so many great ideas if you’re in a rental or even if you’re decorating on a budget or can’t afford the big kitchen reno yet. Tash is also a joy to watch so she’ll certainly bring a big smile to your face.

Some Valentine’s Day-Inspired pieces I’ve been eyeing up:

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The house party: v is for valentine's

Love box hand painted ceramic storage jar – Selfridges £180

The house party: valentine's day

Dozy girl chamomile tea – Bird and Blend from £6.35

The house party: v is for valentine's

You’re my favourite Valentine’s Day card – Oliver Bonas £3.75

The house party: valentine's day

Happy Galentines Day card – Oliver Bonas £3.75

Heart pink and red cotton ankle socks – Oliver Bonas £7.50

Amara pink hear bowls, set of three – Oliver Bonas £37.50

Frog candle – Urban Outfitters £21

Mushroom candle – Urban Outfitters £21

The house party: v is for valentine's

Pink wavy taper candles, 2-pack – Urban Outfitters £17

Cassie strawberry hook – Urban Outfitters £10

The Waxness, Leafy strawberry candles – £7.50

Sandralexandra, cocktail and nibble murano glass sticks hearts – Glassette £95

Monique Lucas Home, Lobster tea towel – Glassette £14

That’s all from me this week; I hope you have a good Valentine’s day, whatever you get up to.

If you want more from me then come and say hi over on Instagram and TikTok – I hang out there a lot.

Loads of love, Lindsey x

If you didn’t manage to catch last week’s edit you can find it here.

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