Everything I’d buy from H&M home UK

New in from H&M home in the UK and your H&M Home questions answered.

As a full-time interiors editor and journalist, this is everything I’d buy from H&M Home that’s new in this week. Brace yourself, it’s a good.

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What I love about interiors right now is how nothing is straight – everything has a wiggle or a curve or a scalloped edge. It’s awesome, just like this vase.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK

Striped stoneware vase – £17.99

Good-looking rugs are like gold dust; I wouldn’t let this one pass you by.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK

Large wool blend rug – £349.99

This screams summer. Dinner alfresco with a salad served from this bowl would be a dream come true right now.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK serving bowl

Porcelain serving bowl – £17.99

There’s plates to match, too.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK plate

Porcelain mid plate – £8.99

This has to be my hero piece this week; I am in awe of this candlestick holder – it’s magnificent.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK red and pink candlestick

Glass candlestick – £22.99

Whoever said bath mats are boring (to be honest, it might have been me) hasn’t met this one. The colours are divine; this would certainly cheer me up in the morning.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK bathmat

Deep-pile bath mat – £29.99

YELLOW GINGHAM BEDDING, ooh! My heart. This is too good.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK gingham bedding

Patterned double duvet set cover – £39.99

Seems like I’m always falling in love with tablecloths, but this romance could be the romance to end all romances. I mean, would you look at this tablecloth – it’s perfection.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK pink table cloth

Embroidered linen tablecloth – £29.99

Some more scalloped edges here and, as I’m sure you’re already fully aware, I’m not mad about it.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK scalloped placemat

Scalloped edge placemat – £12.99

Well this is just adorable – just what are H&M doing to me? My bank balance isn’t going to be happy, but me on the other hand, ecstatic.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK

Pleated paper table lamp – £29.99

For anyone else out there who’s just trying to get by casually living out their French fantasy (aka everyone, right?) Then these adorable (times 10) napkins are for you.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK napkins linen

2-pack linen blend napkins – £9.99

It’s safe to say we’re not quite over the pastel colours just yet, especially with spring around the corner and I have to say, if you were going all out for Easter then these would be gorgeous.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK small vase lilac

Small glass vase – £8.99

Well, now I need a kitchen roll holder, don’t I? No more hiding it under the kitchen sink – THAT COLOUR!

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK kitchen roll holder funky

Kitchen roll holder – £8.99

I don’t think I will ever tire of colourful glasses and personally, I’d collect all the colours they have available of these.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK

2-pack stackable drinking glasses – £12.99

Speaking from experience, it’s not easy to find affordable door handles that don’t look like they’ve come straight from Camden Market, but these simple pink ones are both cute and a good price.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK affordable knob

Mango wood knob – £3.99

Again, another piece of furniture I found difficult to source while I was decorating my home was a small wall shelf, but this one is really cute and it comes in a great assortment of colours.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK

Metal wall shelf – £17.99

I had to double take when I saw the price of this table cloth, I can’t believe a table cloth this pretty is available for under a tenner – what a bargain.

Everything I'd buy from H&M home UK

Patterned table cloth – £8.99

I do enjoy a paper lamp shade, it’s what I went for in my house, but I love the shape of this one, it’s got a bit more to it than the traditional round ones.

Rice paper lamp shade – £24.99

Yeah, I might have had to Google what bonbonniere actually meant, but it still didn’t stop me lusting after this cute little jar!

Glass bonbonniere – £22.99

Can you ever have enough tea towels? I’m just asking for a friend…

3-pack cotton tea towels – £9.99

Last, but not least on our wavy adoration list is this stunning glass vase. With or without a couple of stems it would still look beautiful.

Wavy glass vase – £17.99

Missed out on this week’s edit from editor, Lindsey Isla, then catch it here.

Everything you need to know about H&M Home UK

How many H&M home stores are there in the UK?

There are 167 H&M home stores across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Where is the biggest H&M home in the UK?

Westfield, Stratford City, London has the biggest H&M in the UK.

Can you return H&M home to any H&M store in the UK?

You can return everything apart from lighting and furniture to any H&M store in the UK, however, wrong orders or missing items can’t be handled by their stores.

Is H&M Home cheaper than Zara?

On average, Zara premium prices are lower than H&M.

What does H&M stand for?

Hennes & Mauritz.

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