The best wall paint colour to hide dirt: paint colour for high traffic areas

Discover the best wall paint colour for high traffic areas.

There are a lot of areas in my house painted white which shouldn’t be painted white: skirting boards, hallways and well-used storage cupboards.

As an ex renter who had to suffer magnolia walls for years, I thought white walls was the way forward in my own home – clean, sharp and un-offensive. Or so I thought.

As nice as it looked when it was first painted, it marked quickly in comparison to the more colourful walls in my property which hid dirt quite easily.

The best wall paint colour to hide dirt: the best paint colour for high traffic areas

Which paint colour hides dirt best?

If colours are too dark or too light then they will show up dirt more easily than other colours. For example, white, beige, black and navy.

Medium tones of paint will hide dirt the best – if you have young children or lots of pets then this could be the best option for you.

Which paint colour shows less dirt?

Colours with lots of pigment are going to show less dirt than other colours. Highly saturated colours are going to hide marks; deep grey is very popular right now for this reason.

I changed the colour of my stairs from white to a bright green and they rarely show any marks; when they were white they always looked filthy.

The best wall paint colour to hide dirt: the best paint colour for high traffic areas

Do black painted walls show dirt?

Similarly to white, black paint will show up a lot of dirt, it will be very easy to see white marks and dust on black paint.

The best wall paint colour for high traffic areas

For high traffic areas, paint colours in the middle of the colour chart are the best. However, if you want to keep to a lighter colour scheme, then most colours are better than a brilliant white. The deeper you can go with your neutral paint colour, the better it will be for hiding dirt.

What paint is best for wiping clean?

Eggshell is a tough and durable paint, therefore, it’s the best paint for wiping clean. Often, eggshell finish is recommended for kitchens and hallways. The better the quality of paint, the more durable it’s going to be aka the most wipeable.

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What paint colour hides the most imperfections?

Dark paint colours will hide the most imperfections on a wall because they reflect less light. Light will bounce off imperfections on the wall, hiding them rather than concealing them.

What colours camouflage dirt?

Brown and grey are very useful when it comes to hiding dirt as well as warm-toned paint colours like orange, purple and red.

Can you paint over dirt on walls?

To get the best results when decorating, as well as a long-lasting finish, you want to prepare your walls properly. This means giving them a good clean with something like sugar soap and warm water. If your wall is too dusty or dirty, then it will be more difficult for the paint to stick and cause you problems in the long run.

Should I prime dirty walls?

Once you’ve washed your walls as much as possible, you can go in with a paint primer. This will give a more even coverage and save you a little bit of money if your top coats are a more expensive paint.

How to clean really dirty walls?

If you’ve tried to clean your walls with sugar soap and warm water, but there are still some stubborn stains and dirt then you can try mixing baking soda and water. This natural stain fighter will help remove some marks. Failing this, if you’re just hoping to get an even finish before you apply your paint, then you can try giving the dirt a light sand, but remember to wash away any dust it makes after you’ve sanded.

Does grey hide dirt?

Grey is relatively easy to keep clean and will hide a lot of dirt in comparison to other paint colours.

The best paint colour to hide fingerprints

A neutral paint colour is great for hiding fingerprints as well as a satin finish – the shine will help camouflage any pesky prints.

The best white paint for high traffic areas

Stay away from a brilliant white when it comes to high traffic areas and go for a paint with a grey, yellow or pink undertones. The deeper the undertone is, the less you will see the dirt.

What’s the most durable paint for walls and a busy house?

The most durable paint for walls is a good-quality washable paint. It should say on the tin if it’s washable or not.

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