The house party: day dumping


As I get to writing this week’s edit, I’m sat here with a back brace on and slightly damp hair.

The house party: day dumping. Founder and editor Lindsey Isla Henderson

Lately, my self-care involves improving my posture (after a slap on the wrist from my chiropractor) and attempting to get some heatless waves, using hair mousse and a microfibre towel.

So far, one of these is proving more successful; I’ll leave it your imagination which one as I reach for my Dyson Air Wrap.

Day Dumping

Have you heard about a new TikTok trend called ‘day dumping’? Users are creating picture carousels of beautiful moments throughout their day; it’s encouraging people to find the joy in the little things over a 24-hour period.

Similar to practising gratitude, it’s encouraging your brain to see the beauty in mundane moments more easily.

The house party: day dumping. Founder and editor Lindsey Isla Henderson

As someone who’s practised daily gratitude for a couple of years now, I’ve discovered the incredible benefits for myself – anything similar to this has me hook, line and sinker.

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What’s Love got to do with it?

The house party: day dumping. What's Love Got to do with it film review

Due to the wet weather this week, rather than our usual woodland trek, my husband and I found ourselves at the cinema watching ‘What’s Love got to do with it?‘ I couldn’t recommend this feel good rom-com enough; it’s hilarious with some really important messages and a will-they-won’t-they love story to boot!

Jay Shetty Podcast

After hearing Jay Shetty being interviewed on some of my favourite podcasts (Happy Place, Diary of a CEO, Deliciously Ella), I decided it was time to give his own podcast a listen ‘On Purpose with Jay Shetty’. Well, it did not disappoint and I’m excited to have a new show to add to my library.

Modern Medieval

Vice claims there is a new aesthetic in town for interiors: modern medieval. Remember the gothic, dungeons and dragons-esque designs of the 1990s? Well, apparently this paired-back medieval aesthetic has returned. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

You & Me

I can barely get through a TV programme without weeping; home renovations, property searching, documentaries: you name it, it’ll have me; doesn’t take much. I’m not averse to it either, however, I hate it when a drama tries too hard to get a rise out of me which is exactly what ITV X’s ‘You & Me‘ tried to do.

Rather than crying at at the tragedy, I was eye-rolling at the cringe-worthy script and predictable story line.

It’s not the ~worst~ way to spend three hours of your life, it’s entertaining in parts and I enjoyed the colour of Ben’s living room, but it’s not the best either.

My top picks this week:

The house party: day dumping.

Olive salt storage pot – Urban Outfitters £14

Glass water bottle

Estetico Quotidiano glass bottle 34cm – Selfridges £26

espresso cup

Anna and Nina espresso cup – Selfridge’s £10

Thanks again for joining me this week for my weekly edit; I hope to see you here again soon. Until then, come and say hi over on Instagram and TikTok.

Have a good one,

L x

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