Fresh homeware: new in this week

Spring newness

As a homeware editor, here’s everything I’d buy this week

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If you’re here often then you’ll know how much I love a good lamp and this one from Oliver Bonas is a GOOD lamp.

Fresh homeware new in this week green table lamp

Daisy scallop marble green table lamp – Olive Bonas £139.50

If I were to make a list of my favourite mirrors on the planet then these coloured glass frame mirrors from Oliver Bonas would be at the top; I have one in green and one in blue and they’re perfect.

Fresh homeware new in this week pink round mirror vintage

Aurora pink round mirror – Oliver Bonas £135

Run for these candles. Seriously.

Fresh homeware new in this week striped dinner candles in orange

2-pack striped candles – H&M £5.99

This bedding is bringing joy to town, don’t you think. I’d wake up smiling with this on my bed.

pink and orange checked bedding

Checked double duvet cover set – H&M £39.99

Red and white stripes? Yes. Please.

beach bag red and white striped holdall

Cotton canvas beach bag – H&M £12.99

This is overwhelmingly pretty; I have a deep obsession with coloured glass (as you’ll come to realise in this edit) and this mug has just got to be mine. It’s similar to the HAY design mugs, but at half the price.

Fresh homeware new in this week HAY design dupe blue glass mug

Glass mug – H&M £7.99

See…told you I had a coloured glass obsession; these are spectacular.

Fresh homeware new in this week green wine glasses

Vista wine glass – Anthropologie £12

Flutes in coloured glass

Janet flute – Anthropologie £9

There was always a special place in my heart for anything by Anna and Nina, but now they’ve got the whole thing thanks to these gorgeous striped glasses. Wow.

Fresh homeware new in this week Anna and Nina striped glass tumbler

Anna and Nina striped votive – Anthropologie £14.95

Is it possible to have a picture frame with a picture of the picture frame inside because that’s how much I love this picture frame.

Fresh homeware new in this week yellow striped standing picture frame

Whitney frame – Anthropologie £26

The colour of this notebook is absolute perfection and you can never go wrong with Papier – that’s what I always think.

green notebook

Pen to paper notebook – Papier £18

I’m a sucker for any artwork with illustrated fruit on it and anything minimal so this has hit the nail on the head for me.

pear print

Frances Costelloe pear limited edition print – Glassette £65

Catch up on this week’s edit from me, Lindsey Isla, here.

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