Quirky lampshades for table lamps

Cool lampshade ideas.

Looking for unusual, funky and quirky lampshades for your table lamps?

You’ve come to the right place.

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Does it get more fun and quirky than this lampshade – it looks like it’s been drawn in 3D. If red isn’t for you then there’s a green version too.

quirky lampshades for table lamps

Hexagon linen lampshade in red – Issy Granger from £130

Pooky are renowned for their quirky lamp shades which are all spectacular, but this leopard print shade is one of my favourites. It brings out my rock and roll side which is never a bad thing.

quirky lampshades for table lamps leopard print cool lampshade

Empire shade in leopard print by Matthew Williamson – Pooky from £41

This fresh green is really bringing the outside in, especially with this pattern; what a funky take on a more traditional stripe.

quirky lampshades for table lamps green lampshade

Straight empire shade in green cchalk stripes – Pooky from £51

Never-mind cool, this lampshade is magical. You might be tempted to put this in a child’s bedroom, however, I don’t see why this can’t be pride of place anywhere in the house.

quirky lampshades for table lamps children's cool lampshade

Applique shade – Anthropologie £98

Have I died and gone to heaven because this lampshade is too good to be true; the box pleats are absolutely perfect – I urge you to check out the other prints too.

quirky lampshades for table lamps country cottage lampshade with lemons

Lemon boxpleat lampshade – Alice Palmer and Co. from £125

I think this red striped shade would bring any table lamp to life. Again, there are more colours and patterns if this isn’t quite the colour you’re after.

quirky lampshades for table lamps handmade lampshade in red stripe

Tangier red stripe scrunchie lampshade – Alice Palmer and Co. from £125

This tasseled lampshade is for the free-spirited of us; placed near an open window I’m sure it would look awesome blowing in the wind.

quirky and cool and funky lampshades for table lamps

Corrine tasseled lamp shade – Anthropologie £118

I don’t know what it is about me and big cats on lamps and lampshades, but they seem to go hand in hand these days. This guy has to be the coolest on the list.

quirky lampshades for table lamps

Dana Gibson leopard lampshade – Anthropologie £68

Matilda Goad has really out done herself with this brass lampshade – it’s beautiful. Does it get anymore quirky. I think not.

quirky lampshades for table lamps Matilda Goad

Brass lampshade – Matilda Goad from £195

The wave of this lampshade is really unusual and definitely what makes it so special; even in this simple colour it’s still standout.

quirky lampshades for table lamps rattan lampshade

Wavy lampshade in woven paper with terracotta trim – Munro and Kerr from £185

What can I use instead of a lampshade?

Vintage wallpaper scraps, paper, cotton, cork and linen can be used to fashion a new lampshade, however, you can also make use of a wooden basket or anything metal like a colander.

What are empire lampshades?

An empire lampshade is where the top circumference of the lampshade is about 1/2 the size of the bottom circumference of a lampshade.

What are the three types of lampshade?

Emire, coolie and tapered are the three main types of lampshade.

What are the different types of lampshade?

European, oval, drum, empire, coolie, bell, hexagon, square and rectangle.

Can you have a lamp without a shade?

You can have a lamp without a shade; a lot of industrial style lamps make a feature of the lightbulb.

What is the rule for lampshades?

The lamp shade should be twice as wide as the base and one third of the total height of the lamp (from the bottom to the bulb).

How far should the lampshade be from the bulb?

This all depends on the watt of the bulb; for a high watt, like 150 plus, the lampshade should be 3-4 inches away. For a low watt, like 40, it should be 1-2 inches away.

Where should a lampshade sit on a lamp?

The bottom of the lampshade should fall in the middle of the neck of the lamp, you shouldn’t see any switch, socket or lightbulb.

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