The house party: Daisy Jones & The Six


It’s my favourite time of the week – the weekly edit time.

I’m going to be overly presumptuous and say its your favourite part of the week too.

Let’s just dive straight in with the show everyone is talking about, Daisy Jones and the Six. I, like the rest of the world it seems, am in love with the book from Taylor Jenkins Reid so when I heard there was a screen adaptation I was overjoyed.

Three episodes in (equally annoyed and thankful to Amazon for drip feeding them to us over the month) and I’m totally loving it. The songs are making me cringe, but I’m happy to overlook that…for now.

If you want to hear more from Taylor Jenkins Reid and how the book became a series, then I’d recommend giving her interview with Fern Cotton on the Happy Place podcast a listen. The episode kept me company on my dog walk this morning and I have to say, Jenkins Reid is a babe.

Listen here.

I was scrambling around at the back of the cupboard last Wednesday looking for some more caffeine-free tea bags when I found a sample of Tea & Tonic Golden Milk, I was at a bit of a loss so decided to give it a try and I was blown away; it’s one of the best tasting teas I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot). I was so blown away I’ve bought a subscription to it. If you like milky, comforting and sweet tea then I’d urge you to give it a taste.

Golden milk inviting sleep wellness tea bags tea and tonic

Golden Milk Inviting Sleep Wellness Tea Bags – £16

I hate to admit it, but my husband and I have really got into colouring over the last few weeks. I think it’s safe to say we’re both self-improvement junkies, which is its own issue, but let’s brush that under the rug for now.

We’d heard (on a podcast) how important it is to ‘unplug’ and switch your mind off so you can solve problems – this was our attempt at that and honestly, I’ve started to really love it. Is it working wonders for my brain? I have to say, I think so.

I reckon I’m in my Anthropologie era as I’m very much into their homeware right now, let me tell you. I’ve popped below some of my top picks from this week for you to have a gander at too.

HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE may receive a small commission from shopping links

anna and nina checkered espresso cup ceramic colourful

Anna and Nina checkered espresso cup – £11

Florence Mytum green ceramic ripple mug

Florence Mytum ripple mug – £32

Florence Mytum pink wiggle ceramic mug

Florence Mytum wiggle mug – £32

Adair table lamp cobalt blue lamp

Adair table lamp – £188

Feathered friend table lamp bird quirky cermaic lamp

Feathered friend table lamp – £168

Luna Bakeware measuring spoons cermaic hand painted spoons

Luna Bakeware measuring spoons – £14

whitney frame green and white striped free standing picture frame

Whitney frame – £22

Set of 4 Lucia highball glasses in blue coloured glass

Set of 4 Lucia highball glasses – £32

That’s all for this week from me and look, let’s keep the colouring between me and you, okay? I’ve got some street credit to uphold.

Speak soon,

L x

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