Oliver Bonas do the best gin glasses…


If I were looking for the best gin glasses then I would look no further than Oliver Bonas.

This brand, man.

I know I chatter about Oliver Bonas A LOT, but to me, it’s the equivalent of a gift that keeps on giving.

I have a few sets of Oliver Bonas gin glasses (even though I don’t drink gin, but that’s a story for another time) in my own collection and I just think they’re great: pretty, good sized…did I mention pretty?

If I didn’t already have an overflowing glassware cupboard here’s all the Oliver Bonas gin glasses I would snap up right now:

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As much as I love sipping from a stemmed glass, there is something very novelty about these pink, stemless gin glasses which I think I would enjoy just as much.

Oliver Bonas do the best gin glasses

Rosado pink stemless gin glasses, set of four – £26

I’m biased towards this particular set of gin glasses with their blue stems because I have very similar ones at home – they always get compliments from my guests.

blue oliver bonas gin glasses

Eion blue gin glasses, set of two – £28

Okay, now we’re getting fancy with these unusual and very pretty gin glasses. That pattern looks like it belongs in a museum, never mind on the side of a beverage glass.

Oliver Bonas gin glasses blue

Bexton spot gin glasses, set of two – £32.50

If gold is your thing then this set is about to get your heart beating. Oliver Bonas, you know what you’re doing!

Gold Oliver Bonas gin glasses

Aster etched star gin glasses, set of two – £28

Fancy a bit of razzle-dazzle? This mixed metallic set is as razzle-dazzle as it gets IMO.

Oliver Bonas do the best gin glasses

Aur mixed metallic gin glasses, set of two – £26

I have feeling this isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned how much I love these Bexton swirl gin glasses…I don’t think it’ll be the last.

White gin glasses, Oliver Bonas

Bexton swirl gin glasses, set of two – £32.50

They might not be pink or gold, but what they lack in colour they make up for in beauty and design. AND they have a very vintage look to them – something I always enjoy.

Oliver Bonas do the best gin glasses - vintage style

Spiral gin glasses, set of two – £27.50

And here is where I leave you – with another striking set of pink/purple stemless gin glasses – just look at that shape!

stemless pink gin glassses

Flor stemless gin glasses, set of four – £29.50

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