Best kitchen towels for drying hands

When damp hands just won’t do.

Having wet hands is one of my (many, if you ask my husband) pet peeves.

I can’t stand not having anywhere to dry my hands, especially in the kitchen.

It doesn’t stop at my hands; grabbing something from my husband when he has wet hands drive me up the wall too.

As silly as I know this is, I’m sure I’m not the ~only~ person who wants to be able to dry their hands properly, regardless of where they are.

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So, with my dry hands, I’ve done some discovering and found the best kitchen towels for drying hands; the list is below and you can thank me later.

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Best kitchen towels for drying hands

OYOY living design, Raita towel, purple – Glassette £8.20

best kitchen towels for drying hands - sage green

Sage green waffle 100% cotton towel – Dunelm £6

Pure cotton daisy towel – M&S £6

Gingham kitchen hand towel john lewis

Anyday gingham hand towel – John Lewis £10

Mystic eye cotton hand towel, Soho Home – La Redoute £13.30

2-pack cotton terry guest towels – H&M £4.99

Scalloped hand towel

Amelia scalloped hand towel – Rebecca Udall £30

Avocado striped hand towels

Fine stripe hand towel, avocado – John Lewis £11.20

Insanely soft hand towels x 2 – The Longing £45

what kind of kitchen towel is most absorbent?

Although printed towels look nice, they’re often on a flat weave so the pattern lasts longer which isn’t the most absorbent. Terry cloth and waffle weave towels are the most absorbent.

Is it ok to dry your hands with a dish towel?

Although you can dry your hands with a dish towel, it’s not a good idea to use the same towel to dry dishes and vice versa. This is how germs are spread, thus making people sick.

can kitchen towels be used as hand towels?

Kitchen towels can be used as hand towels since they’re very absorbent.

what is the best fabric for hand towels?

High-quality cotton towels are very absorbent which makes them them very good for drying hands.

can you use kitchen towels to dry dishes?

Kitchen towels are perfect for drying dishes, they soak up lots of moisture which leaves your dishes clean and dry.

what is the difference between a hand towel and a kitchen towel?

A dish towel is usually made from terry cloth or thick cotton, but a hand towel is made from cotton, polyester or linen.

how often should you change your kitchen towels?

Ideally, a hand towel should be used once, however, that’s not very practical or sustainable. If you use your towels often then they should be changed every couple of days, but once a week minimum.

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