Best candles for sleep

Scented candles that help you sleep.

If you’re at a loss when it comes to sleeping then I’m right there with you; drifting off has never been my strong point, but having a healthy bedtime routine certainly makes sleeping easier for me.

My personal bedtime routine involves keeping tech out of the bedroom, journalling before bed, listening to brown noise and using scents that soothe and calm me.

Which is where scented candles enter the room; scents have central relaxant and sedative effects; therefore, they can enhance calmness and put you in the mood for snoozing.

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Of course, I’d blow the candle out before you ~actually~ close your eyes and hit the hay, but there is nothing wrong with lighting a candle during your bedtime routine.

So without anymore chit chat, here are some of the best candles for sleep:

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Best candles for sleep - love sleep seduction candle

Thisworks love sleep seduction – Look Fantastic £35

the calm society candle

The Calm Society sleep candle – Holland and Barrett £19.99

Cowshed calming candle

Cowshed sleep candle – Look Fantastic £28

LUSH sleepy candle

Sleepy scented candle – Lush £12

NEOM perfect night

NEOM perfect night’s sleep – John Lewis £35


Thisworks deep sleep candle – John Lewis £26

Champneys Health Spa slumber candle – Boots £7

Best lavender candles for sleep

So’Home lily and lavender two wick candle – La Redoute £11.90

White lavender - the white company

White lavender – The White Company £20

Jo Malone lavender and moonflower

Jo Malone lavender and moonflower – Harvey Nichols £55

best aromatherapy candles for sleep

best aromatherapy candle

A little jar of sleep – Etsy £14

best aromatherapy candles for sleep

Sydney 2.0 patchouli lavender – Etsy £42

Handmade soy wax candle

Kindred Fires Sleep – Etsy £15

Unwind candle handmade

Wildrace unwind candle – Etsy £26

Best Yankee candle for sleep

Best yankee candles for sleep

Twilight Tunes – Etsy £22.36

Lavender Yankee Candle

Lemon Lavender – La Redoute £

yankee candles

A calm and quiet place – DUNELM £26

Can candles help you fall asleep?

Candles can aid relaxation by lowering your blood pressure so although they can’t induce sleep, they can help bring a sense of calm which can make sleeping easier.

Is it good to light a candle before bed?

Lighting a candle, especially a lavender scented one, an hour before you go to bed is a great way to unwind. Making this part of your bedtime routine will help your brain get into sleepy mode as it links the smell with going to sleep.

Best scented candle for a deep sleep?

As well as lavender, sandalwood can also help you reach a deep sleep since it used for anxiety relief and relaxation.

What scents help you sleep?

Sandalwood, lavender and eucalyptus are scents which can aid sleep and relaxation.

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