Best H&M Home Vases

The best H&M home vases UK – glass, black, white and donut.

I don’t think you have to go very far or spend very much to find an expensive-looking vase these days and H&M have proved it – keep reading to discover it for yourself.

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Best H&M Home Vases

If you want to arrange your flowers just as they do on Instagram then you’re going to want this glass vase. Despite it being clear glass, the shape and reeded pattern make a huge statement.

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best H&M home glass vase

Glass vase – £24.99

The sheer size of this H&M vase makes it very special, never mind the pattern and shape which are also stunning.

H&M home large white vase glass

Patterned large glass vase – £27.99

Fancy something a little more rustic looking then this H&M vase is going to be just the ticket. Again, it’s a BIG boy so make sure you have lots of space.

rustic vase in white stoneware

Stoneware vase – £29.99

If you’re after a quirky looking vase then here you have it – it kind of looks as though it shouldn’t be able to stand up alone which is what makes me love it.

best H&M home vase uk

Stoneware vase – £29.99

The H&M donut vase is effortlessly chic – why I don’t have one of these in my own home yet is beyond me…

donut vase

Large ceramic vase – £29.99

There is something about this smoke-grey glass which is very enticing indeed. Paired with some pretty flowers it would be a gorgeous juxtaposition.

tall grey glass vase

Tall glass vase – £29.99

The way this H&M vase looks like two little legs though – adorable.

best H&M home vase

Ceramic vase – £22.99

Another mighty vase here; this would look great styled on a coffee table with some seasonal flowers.

large glass vase H&M home UK

Large glass vase – £29.99

Is this the first time I’ve mentioned this glass vase from H&M? Maybe, but it won’t be the last. The colour is everything.

blue glass wavy vase
brown wavy glass vase UK

And the brown is just as special, too.

Wavy glass vase – £22.99

We already know I’m a huge fan of the donut vase from H&M, but this beige colour speaks to me on a level that I can’t even understand – As Madness sing, it must be love.

donut vase in beige

Glass vase – £34.99

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