Elegant Interior Design Ideas

Graceful and stylish interiors unlocked.

I’m done with brutalist interiors and masculine spaces; we’ve let that pooch have its day for long enough now.

For 2023, I’m all about elegance; goodbye man caves, earthy textures and urban jungles.

(Full disclosure: I’m being a tad extreme for effect; I do like un-elegant interiors too, but for the sake of the article lets keep going…yeah?)

photo: Ouael Ben Salah

What is elegant interior design?

When I think of elegant interiors, my mind instantly takes me to hotels like Claridge’s, The Ritz and The Savoy where it feels like elegance literally drips from the walls and the ceiling.

Remember Hallie and Annie’s mother’s house in the Parent Trap? That screams elegant, right? All beige carpets, cream bed linen and smart furniture – decadent without being fussy.

However, that’s not the only way you can achieve an elegant look, any interior design that’s clean, sophisticated and simple is also elegant – think luxury beach house or stylish mid-city apartment.

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how can i make my interior look luxurious?

The first step towards an elegant interior design is decluttering, decluttering, decluttering; yesterday’s newspaper isn’t going to make any place look luxurious – get it gone.

As well as good lighting and coherent colour schemes, well maintained furniture, luxurious fabrics, plants and flowers will all add a touch of class to your space.

elegant interior design ideas
photo: curology

how do i make my design look elegant?

Elegance is all about making your space look high class by using classic colour combinations, flowers and plants as well as getting the feng shui right; then you want to add a touch of personality, but nothing too overpowering.

what makes a room feel elegant?

There are lots of things that make a room feel elegant, but most of all, it’s about getting the layout of the room right. For example, a chaise lounge is one of the most elegant pieces of furniture I can think of, but squashed between an old radiator and an arm chair it’s not going to look elegant (no matter how hard you try).

10 elegant interior design ideas:

White pillar candles

White pillar candles, the kind you’d see in a church, are a very elegant interior design piece – they’re classic, simple and beautiful.

classic wall art

Classic wall art, especially of flowers and portraits, is a very beautiful way to add character to your interiors as well as elegance.


Mirrors not only bounce around lots of light, they also look very smart, especially when they’re framed in baroque silver or gold.


Flowers are the easiest and quickest way to add elegance to any home or room.

glassware and tableware

Smart glassware, especially crystal glassware has a very luxurious feeling to it as well as polished silver cutlery.

elegant interior design ideas
photo: Mitchell Luo

thick curtains

There is nothing like a good pair of well-hung curtains to elevate a room. If you want to add elegance, then curtains in a beautiful thick fabric, shouldn’t be overlooked.


Nothing creates atmosphere like some good lighting, it’s essential to achieving the feeling you want in a room.

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cotton towels

Is there anything better then a soft, plush cotton towel? Exactly.

elegant interior design ideas
photo: Susan Wilkinson

bed linen

Creased, old, worn-out bed linen is up there with being one of the most un-elegant things you can have in your home, updating this will make a huge difference.

items with frosting, bling and metallic

Over-do this one and it can feel a little The Only way is Essex, but get it right and you’ll have nailed elegance. Silver candlesticks, glass tables and frosted trays can all be a great addition.

Discover elegant interior design pieces here:

glass candlestick - elegant interior design ideas

Glass dinner candle holder – The White Company £35

silver mirror - elegant interior design ideas

Dressing table mirror – The White Company £220

silver plated tray - elegant interior design ideas

Arthur Price Chippendale 25cm silver-plated tray – Selfridge’s £119

silver vintage cutlery

24-piece vintage cutlery set – M&S £42

chaise lounge in green

Button chaise sofa – John Lewis £799

spa towels

Luxury spa towels – John Lewis from £8

thick orange curtains

Velvet Louise curtains – Anthropologie £68

pink candlestick

Kyto pink glass candlestick holder – Oliver Bonas £6.50

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