Cool bedside lamps – quirky, modern & unusual lamps from the uK

Cool bedside lamps – the quirky, the modern and the unusual for every budget.

While my partner and I were waiting for the purchase of our first house to go through, we were living with my parents. Yep – it was a little bumpy at times, but we all lived to tell the tale.

During this time, I was shopping in B&M bargains with my Mum for washing powder or something, when I came across a bedside lamp I knew would be perfect for our new home.

It was the last place I expected to find a lamp and my Mum hated it, so I left the £4 yellow lamp behind, only to return the next day and snap, not one, but two of them up.

To this day, it’s one of the best purchases I made for our house and at such a brilliant price too.

At first glance, it didn’t look quirky and modern, but in its place on the red bedside table, I thought it looked pretty cool.

I’m very into lamps and while it’s fun to show off about my bargain, this isn’t the point of this story; the point is, there are cool lamps everywhere, you just have to know what you’re looking for and you’ll find it.

Being specific about size, colour and style will help you narrow down what type of bedside lamp you’re looking for; there are so many out there to choose from it can get overwhelming.

What can I use instead of a bedside lamp?

Candles, battery-operated candles, neon signs and fairy lights make a fabulous alternative.

What kind of lamp is best for a bedroom?

Warm or neutral-coloured light makes a great bedside lamp because it will create a nice atmosphere.

How tall should a bedside lamp be?

As a rough guide, 19 to 21 inches high.

Is it ok to have two different bedside lamps?

Although it’s more traditional, your bedside lamps don’t have to match. While symmetry can look nice, so can an eclectic look.

Can you have mismatched lamps in the living room?

Similarly to your bedroom, your living room lamps don’t have to match.

What can I use instead of a bedside lamp?

LED candles, wall lamps and bed frame lights are great alternatives to traditional bedside lamps. You could also use a standing lamp in the corner of your room.

Should bedside lamps be tall or short?

This all depends on the rest of your furniture and how you want your room to feel when your lamp is on. A shorter lamp will be cosier than a taller lamp for example. Trust your eye on this one to see which is going to fit in your room the best.

Should you have a lamp on both bedside tables?

As a general rule, if there are two of you in the bed then there should be two lamps, however, I don’t think it’s always necessary.

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Why were lamps invented?

Lamps were invited to extend working hours after sunset.

How are lamps manufactured?

Lamps are manufactured from a glass bulb, core and base assembled together; the core is made up of glass bead, filament and lead wire.

While you’re working out the kind of lamp you want/need, have a read through my list of cool bedside lamps below.

Cool bedside lamps:

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You lamp in emerald checkerboard – Hannah Simpson Studio £418

weird bedside lamps

Pink tower lamp by Pulp Sculptuur – Glassette £310

Follow lamp by Hannah Simpson Studio – Glassette £270

small bedside lamps

Besportble shell lamp – Amazon £25.99

Ovie bird blue ceramic lamp – Oliver Bonas £45

Alyssa white glass table and desk lamp – Oliver Bonas £55

cool bedside lamps habitat

Rahnn confetti glass table lamp – Habitat £30

Warm modern glass table lamp – £39

funky bedside lamps

Pictor tinted glass lamp – Habitat £30

Kinoko coloured glass lamp – La Redoute £170

Dixie glass lamp – Urban Outfitters £89

Bobbin blue wooden lamp – Oliver Bonas £98

cool bedside lamps poodle and blonde

Cliftonville cowgirl – Poodle and Blonde £215

cool bedside lamps glassette

Wiggle lamp – Selfridges, Bias Editions £165

cool bedside lamps pookie

Kelpie table lamp – Pookie £75

Ines yellow raffia ceramic lamp – Oliver Bonas £85

Weird bedside lamps:

Mr Maria x Smiley Bundle of light lamp – £20

Smoko Lil B Dumpling light – Urban Outfitters £25

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