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Hello Again!

Thanks for being here, as always.

Remember the shell plate I bought from H&M the other week? Well, it arrived and I was so obsessed with it I decided to buy three more so I have a full set for dinner parties. Often, it’s the little things that make you smile and this plate did just that.

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Shell-shaped glass dish – H&M £8.99

I went to see C.P. Carlton’s Good, starring David Tennant in the cinema last week, it was the National Theatre Live production and it was very intense – look out for this in a cinema near you if you like drama and great acting.

On the book list this week (of course I’m going to be recommending a book again), I’ve just read Rich as Fu*k by Amanda Frances. You know how much I love manifesting and self development – and I know I use this term far too often, but this book was life changing; if you’re ready to do some money “work’ then get reading!

Rich as F*ck, Amanda Frances – Amazon from £5.99

Other than the above (and eating bread), I’ve been lusting after HAY design pieces again this week – it really is my favourite homeware brand so I thought I’d leave some of my personal highlights below:

HAY strap no 2. circular steel and glass mirror 50cm – Selfridges £330

HAY coloured crystal glass food display stand – Selfridges £89

HAY frotte stripe cotton bath sheet – Selfridges £28

HAY sombremesa stoneware plate set of two 18.5cm – Selfridges £49

HAY maxim stripe large recycled plastic lidded box 26.4cm x 35.5cm – Selfridges £105

HAY spin striped glass saucer 11cm set of two – Selfridges £45

HAY rectangular stackable cardboard box 29.5cm x 35cm – Selfridges £19

HAY lidded borosilicate-glass jar 12cm – Selfridges £49

HAY sowden toaster – Selfridges £109

HAY tint glass 200ml set of two – Selfridges £45

HAY pao steel 230 powder-coated steel pendant lamp – Selfridges £160

HAY beaded wool basket 40cm – Selfridges £219

HAY juive high striped glass vase 28cm – Selfridges £185

If this week’s edit wasn’t enough then give last week’s a read here.

See you again next week!

Lindsey x

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