Is red furniture in style

Red is certainly a bold colour – one of passion, danger and emotion – so is this a colour we need to embrace in our homes? Keep reading to discover if red furniture is in style and (more importantly) if it ~should~ be.

You only have to step into my house to see how much I love red; I think it’s a great colour and pops of red furniture can make a big impact.

However, it can’t be denied that red is a tricky colour to be around if you go overboard.

According to colour psychology, red is associated with stimulation, power, appetite and urgency; The London Image Institute says red is the most attention grabbing colour…so its not the most relaxing colour to be around, shall we say.

Pairing red furniture with more calming colours like blue, is a great way to incorporate this strong colour into your home – you get the effect of the trend, without the anxiety. The Universe knows we need none of that!

In addition to this, you might want to rethink the room you place your red furniture in; if it were me, I’d keep it out the bedroom, a place I want to feel the most relaxed, and put it in somewhere like the kitchen – this room can take a bit more liveliness.

Is red leather furniture out of style?

Leather furniture is as popular as skinny jeans in the noughties; the wipeable and durable material has been in fashion since the 60s. As red is also fashionable right now, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that red leather is in vogue too.

  • Grey
  • Mustard yellow
  • Forest green
  • Navy blue
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Red

Are red sofas out of style?

Red sofas date back to the 18th century – I’m sure you’ve sat on a vintage red Chesterfield in a gastro pub at some point – and have been a staple in furniture through the decades. Well, that ain’t changing anytime soon, red sofas are still very popular. Second hand and new, there are some great red sofas to be found.

Tip: to style a red sofa, try mismatching it with a patterned chair to balance out the bold colour.

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There is nothing more popular than red in home decor right now, and for good reason, pops of red bring a lot of life into a space, especially when paired with blues, pinks and beiges.

is red in for decorating?

Accents of red are very fashionable for decorating right now; since it’s a very powerful colour which evokes strong emotions, pops of red, like on woodwork or appliances, are the best way to utilise this fabulous colour in your space.

is red trendy 2023?

Red is extremely trendy in 2023; the fiery colour can be seen in design, interiors and fashion. If you want to stay bang-on-trend, you know what to do…pick some red furniture!

Some of the best red furniture of 2023

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Is red furniture in style. Red togo sofa.

Togo sofa small – Heal’s £2,701

Is red furniture in style? red lamp dunelm quirky shape

Elements Viggo table lamp – Habitat £40

Is red furniture in style? globe lamp

Caliban globe table lamp – Habitat £20

Red rug

Sierra apollo rug – Dunelm £119

Red fold up chair

Macadam metal folding chair – Habitat £18

Matilda Goad Lamp and Lampshade red

Matilda Goad & Co scalloped sguiggle table lamp – Anthropologie £268

Is red furniture in style?

Elouan hourglass mango wood side table – La Redoute £199

Is red furniture in style? Red side table.

Elwood side table – Dunelm £75

Red side table.

Matmat ceramic side table – La Redoute £175

Is red furniture in style? Cherry red glass lamp

Kinko coloured glass table lamp – La Redoute £160

Is red furniture in style? red and cream spotted vase

Elements Skara vase spot 28cm – Dunelm £20

quirky red vase

Sass & Belle large amphora vase lipstick red – Amazon £13.49

Large red bowl

Raawii Strom large earthenware bowl 22cm – Selfridges £105

Is red furniture in style? Red cushion

Suillivan easy care cushion – Anthropologie £68

Is red furniture in style?

Hendaye striped cushion cover – La Redoute £16

Is red furniture in style? Red plant pot

Serax handpainted small stoneware pot – Selfridges £10

Is red furniture in style? red gingham duvet set linen

Mineral red gingham linen – Piglet in Bed £49

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