Is Zara Home Good Quality?

Is Zara Home good quality? Your questions answered.

Zara Home is one of the first places I shop when I want affordable and good-looking homeware. The brand has been popular since it hit the high street in 2003, just like their much loved clothing and accessories.

Reviews of Zara Homeware are a little mixed, but for style and design, the brand will always get five stars from me. It may take a little ‘separating the wheat from the chaff’ when shopping at Zara Home, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

What Is Zara Home?

Zara Home, the sister company of the fashion giant, Zara, is a home furnishings company -they focus on contemporary pieces with clean lines and minimal designs. To stay on the forefront of trends, they release new homeware continuously throughout the year.

Is Zara home a Luxury Brand?

Although Zara isn’t a luxury brand, the homeware retailer designs with luxury in mind; the contemporary shapes and minimal colour palette synonymous with Zara Home make the brand feel luxe without the higher price tag.

Who doesn’t love champagne on a tap water budget, hey?!

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Is Zara Home Good Quality?

Is Zara Home part of Zara?

Zara Home is part of the Spanish Inditext group and Zara is its sister brand. Zara Home was born in 2003 and merged into Zara fashion stores in 2019.

Is Zara Home only Online

Zara Home is available in selected stores as well as online – as someone who grew up without online shopping, that’s music to my millennial ears; you can’t beat getting a feel for a product before you take it to the till. If that makes me sound old fashioned then so be it!

Is Zara Home Furniture Good Quality?

The quality of Zara Home furniture is as good as you’d expect for a high street brand – in order to make the pieces more affordable, quality and durability are occasionally compromised.

On the most part, I’ve been pleased with my Zara Home furniture; you just have to shop wisely, don’t fall for something ~just~ because it looks pretty – give it a good inspection first.

Is Zara Home Good Quality?

Why is Zara Home So Expensive?

In comparison to its High Street and online competitors, Zara Home falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to its pricing – it’s not dirt cheap, but it’s not mega bucks either.

If you’re looking for a discount then Zara host seasonal sales, so make use of wish lists and take advantage when the prices drop.

As a homeware expert, I find it has a longer shelf life than fashion – trends stick around longer and most items are less seasonal, therefore, nabbing something in the sale that you’ll have forever is more likely. I’ve had some of my Zara Home pieces for donkey’s years which really does vouch for its quality.

Which Brands Does Zara Own?

Zara, along with Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Uterque and Zara Home are owned by Inditex, the Spanish multinational clothing company.

Is Zara Home Good Quality?

Can Zara Home be Returned to Zara?

Zara Home returns can be retuned for free to Zara stores – even if they were purchased online. You’ll need your QR code from your online order or a purchase receipt for a full refund.

Does Zara Home Restock?

Believe me, I know the pain of hoping the ‘sold out’ item comes back in stock, but in my experience, if you know when to look and with a little bit of patience, you’ll mange to bag it eventually.

Restocks usually happen first thing in the morning so keep your tabs open and click that refresh button like a mad man.

In terms of new stock, Mondays and Thursdays are the best days to shop according to insiders.

Does Zara Home Have Sales?

On the ‘Special Prices’ section on Zara Home’s website, you’ll find huge discounts and savings. And of course, like most other high street brands, Zara Home are know for having large end of season sales.

Is Zara Home Good Quality?

When is the Zara Home Sale?

Traditionally for high street stores – including Zara Home – end of season sales are late June to early July and after Christmas to mid-January. Zara also take part in Black Friday sales. All sales are usually across stores and their website.

Is Zara Home Successful?

Since its establishment in 2003, Zara Home has been incredibly successful; the brand has a strong reputation, is a trusted name and is widely recognised amongst the public.

Where is Zara Home Located?

Zara Home has and incredible 408 stores worldwide, 68 of which are here in the UK. The head office for Zara and Zara Home is based in A Coruña, Spain.

How Much Is Zara Home Delivery?

Zara Home has an array of delivery options which can be found below:

  • Delivery to store – Free
  • Same Day London – £7.95
  • Standard sized item £4.99 or free when you spend £50 or more
  • Large items – delivery rates vary
  • Home special delivery with assembly – £29.99
  • Delivery to a collection point – £1.95 or free when you spend £50 or more

Is Zara Home in Canada, Ireland, Australia and the US?

Zara Home can be found in Canada, Ireland and the US, but not Australia.

My favourite good quality picks from Zara Home:

Is Zara Home Good Quality? Glass water jug smoked glass

Glass jug – £29.99

White stoneware vase simple minimal design

Irregular shaped vase – from £23.99

Pink candle

Spiral candlestick shaped candle – £19.99

Wicker fruit basket pear shaped

Decorative pear – £19.99

Magazine rack Zara wicker blue

Woven magazine rack – £69.99

Jute Basket with handles

Jute basket – £45.99

Is Zara Home Good Quality? Striped table cloth in blue

Dyed thread striped tablecloth – £45.99

Is Zara Home Good Quality? Orange desert plate hand painted and hand made ceramic

Fruti dessert plate – £12.99

Is Zara Home Good Quality? Green and white cutlery

Ceramic cutlery set x cabana – £29.99

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