what Doesn’t go with red furniture?

Help – what doesn’t go with red furniture?

Like a monkey on a tree, red furniture swings in and out of fashion. Currently, red furniture is all the rage (does anyone even say ‘all the rage’ anymore?), but since red is such a strong colour, it can be difficult to style.

When I’m styling red furniture, I like to pair it with other bright colours and neutrals; I stay away from shades of grey, black and dark brown, otherwise, I find it can all get a bit too dungeons and dragons, you know?

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However, colour pairing is a personal thing and highly subjective, there is no reason why, when styled in the right way, red furniture can’t go with anything.

What Colours Do Not Look Good With Red?

Most people would say red shouldn’t be paired with green, orange and pink, but to be honest, I think all of these colours can work – with clashing colours, it’s all about the right styling.

What Colour Curtains Would Go Well With A Red Sofa?

Picking the right curtains for your sofa depends on so many factors: do they need to keep out a lot of light, are they decorative only, how many other colours, patterns and textures are there in the room? Once you’ve answered those questions, curtains can be a great way of marrying lots of pieces together or providing a more neutral backdrop for an already busy room.

  • For a minimal look pair a red sofa with beige, very pale yellow or white curtains.
  • For a gothic look, pair a red sofa with black and grey.
  • For a traditional look a red sofa is always going to look dashing against a set of red tartan curtains.
  • For a country look why not pair your red sofa with a ditsy floral pattern.
  • For a modern look pair your red sofa with a bold and contrasting colour like pink, green or even purple.

What Are Complimentary Colours for an Area Rug with Red Furniture?

  • Navy blue
  • Gold
  • Turqoise
  • Pale blue
  • Pale pink
  • Jute
  • White

What is the strongest red colour?

Electric red is the strongest red colour which is why it is so often used on warning signs to alert you to danger; it’s one of the first colours the human eye notices.

What colour furniture goes with red carpets?

Again, when it comes to red carpets it all depends on the vibe you want to create:

  • Regal – gold, navy, other red tones
  • Rock and Roll – black, grey, dark brown, gold, silver
  • Traditional – beige, white and cream

What paint goes with red furniture?

When it comes to red furniture, I’d keep the wall colour simple; stick to pale paint shades with different undertones like pale pink, blue or yellow.

Modern red furniture:

What doesn't go with red furniture?

Rander ceramic stool – Oka £225

What doesn't go with red furniture? Red bobbin mirror

Bobina twist mirror – Oka £695

Red velvet foot stool and ottoman

Costellini velvet ottoman – Oka £275

What doesn't go with red? Red armless chair

Apadana velvet armless chair – Oka £995

Red lamp

Housenka lamp – Oka £295

Red tray

Talasa tray – Oka £150

What doesn't go with red?

Linen 3-seater cover – Oka £1550

What doesn't go with red? Red side table

HAY DLM side table – Selfridges £205

What doesn't go with red? Red side table and shelf

Huxley side table – Oka £550

Red scandi chair

Scandi dining chair – John Lewis £329

What doesn't go with red? Hay design x End. bench pink and red

END. x HAY bench – End Clothing £245

What doesn't go with red? Red vintage striped beach deck chair

Beauport deckchair – H&M £99.99

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