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Happy Bank Holiday!

The end of another month is in sight; if you’re wondering where on Earth the rest of May went then join the queue.

My husband and I spent the beginning of last week in Wiltshire and Hampshire, two of my favourite parts of the UK, visiting family. The countryside there is truly magical; I didn’t want to come home.

hotpod yoga

I spent my bank holiday Monday morning losing my Hotpod Yoga virginity. It’s still chilly here on the South-East coast so the idea of a toasty 37-degree-pod reeled me in like a trout on the end of a fishing line. I really enjoyed it, so much so I’m going back next week.

Try Hotpod Yoga at one if their UK studios. Book here and use referral code “2TWFP3” for a free first class.

opal app

My friend, Daisy, Editor and Founder of Wear Next, introduced me to Opal a couple of days ago – the number one screen time app which I downloaded it immediately.

If you’re a self sabotaging procrastinator like me then this could change your life; it’s been amazing for my productivity – wave goodbye to doom scrolling and lost hours on TikTok.

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Sensitive: The Power if a Thoughtful Mind in an Overwhelming World by Jenn Grannman and Andre Sólo – Amazon from £7.99

Ever been told you’re ‘too sensitive’? Well, same!

At the beginning of the year, I discovered I was HSP (highly sensitive person) and when I was browsing in Waterstones last week (one of my favourite places to be, funnily enough because it’s calm, quiet and always smells nice), I picked up Sensitive: The Power of a Thoughtful Mind in an Overwhelming World by Andre Sólo and Jenn Granneman. It caught my attention immediately and I bought it after reading the first sentence.

If you want to understand the inner-workings of a sensitive mind or you’re sensitive yourself, then this book should go straight to the top of your list. It’s a validating and interesting read.

I simply can’t get enough of Lucy Mahon’s illustrations; the joyful prints are a true delight, full of colour, pattern and charm.

Mahon’s latest collaboration with Soho Home is available until the 24th of August at Soho Home Studio on Kings Road in West London. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the big smoke then I’d be the first to check out her work in person.

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Batch Wednesdays also captivated my attention this week with beautiful hand blown glass.

The Essex based contemporary glass studio allows apprentices to create and release glass wear every Wednesday – don’t they just glass-blow you away.

The Weekly edit:

Kodak stripe beach towel – Mango £29.99

Striped beach towel – Mango £29.99

Striped waterproof tote – Mango £29.99

Bottle cover bag – Mango £19.99

Glass vase – Mango £19.99

100% raffia placemat – Mango £22.99

Striped cushion cover – Mango £22.99

Ethnic design cushion cover – Mango £35.99

100% cotton cushion cover – Mango £8.99

Fish shape porcelain bowl – Mango £15.99

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