Is it okay to have different colour rooms in your house?

Is it okay to have different colour rooms in your house? Should your house be the same colour scheme?

Strong colour combinations are my favourite kind of colour combinations; as someone who’s used a lot of colour in their house, I often get asked to consult friends and family on colour schemes.

People can get caught up with colour rules, but often these are outdated – I give the colour rule book a polite middle finger. If having different colour rooms suits your sense of style then go for it, babes.

Your home has a big psychological impact on you and your family and although visual appeal is important, mood and room function should play a big part.

Therefore, if a calming blue works for a bedroom and a zingy yellow works for a lively kitchen, then there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Is it okay to have different colour rooms in your house?

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Can Different Rooms Have Different Styles?

Instead of fixating on a colour scheme that runs through the whole house, focus on style and personal expression to create harmony and flow – maybe that’s vintage-inspired, minimalism or even country cottage.

As well as visual appeal and balance, you want your rooms to serve the right function, otherwise, you’ll want to spend as much time in there as you do in the dentist’s chair.

For perfect interior design when developing a colour scheme, practical considerations – eg. how much light and traffic does the room get – are important factors to consider.

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Our homes should be a hub of personal expression, but many people are frightened of making a bad colour choice so they stick to the same neutral colour throughout, but colour is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ kind of thing. Despite creating visual interest, some colours work better for some rooms than others.

According to architect Peter Stamberg, in an article for Ideas.Ted.Com back in 2018, he described the fear of making the wrong colour choice as “chromophobia“.

We have a south facing garden which means the front of our home is very dark; using the same cool tones in the front rooms as we have at the back would feel far too chilly and uninviting. me shivers just thinking about it.

should all bedrooms be the same colour?

To create harmony in your house and make it feel bigger, rooms can be connected with a colour scheme. But…and there is a bigggg but here, I’d say it’s more important to focus on how you want the room to ~feel~ and how you want the room to w-o-r-k for you, than it is to connect it to the rest of the house.

If you have a strong style running throughout your home, this should be enough to create harmony without the need to use the same colours (if you don’t want to, of course).

Is it okay to have different colour rooms in your house?

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Should the hallway be the same colour as the living room?

I may be stating the obvious here, but hallways and living rooms serve totally different functions so there is absolutely no need for them to share the same colour scheme (and I’ll say it again: only if you don’t want them to!).

From a purely practical point of view, hallways are high traffic areas and we don’t really spend long periods of time in there, well, not in my book at least. Therefore, you might want to paint it a bright colour like yellow, to give you a burst of happiness as you pass through or go for a deeper colour to hide knocks and scrapes from luggage, bikes, pets, jiu jtsu practise…you name it.

Should your whole house have the same colour scheme?

There is nothing wrong with your whole house having the same colour scheme, but if you want to experiment with colour then it can be easier to start with each room individually – the whole house might feel overwhelming. Plus, each room will have different colour needs depending on light and atmosphere.

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do all rooms in a house have to match? Can Different Rooms Have Different Colour Schemes?

What suits one room might not suit another so think of your house as one giant mood-board, not everything on there has to match, but it all looks good together. Think complementing rather than matching – ya get me?

how many colours should a house interior have?how many colours should you use in a house?

Anddddd how long is a piece of string again? There are no rules when it comes to the amount of colours a house interior should have. Instead, our homes should have individuality – pick as many colours as you like. Paint the rainbow if you fancy it, Sunshine.

how many different colours should be in a room?

This depends on personal preference, but I would always make sure, even if you’re into a simple colour scheme, to create some visual interest with pops of colour and different hues. We don’t want it to get boring now, do we?

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Is it okay to have different colour rooms in your house?

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