How to store furniture: does furniture get ruined in storage?

Does furniture get ruined in storage? Keep reading to find out.

Whether you’re moving house or just need to make space, furniture storage can be useful, but keeping furniture in storage is a risk unless you store it correctly.

According to an article in The Guardian, due to the current housing market, many of us are downsizing and turning to storage options. The Big Yellow Storage Company, increased its profits in 2022 by 30%.

how do i protect my furniture from damp in storage?

The best practices for furniture storage is climate controlled storage, but it can bump up the price of your storage bill. Regardless of this, furniture should be loosely covered and protected with cloths and plastic wrap.

What you don’t want to do is seal in any moisture, therefore, wrapping it too tightly with thick plastic is a mistake; you want the furniture to be able to breathe like a yogi in downward dog.

how do i prepare my furniture for long-term storage?

Proper storage of furniture for the long term is serious business, but the following guidance should help you out:

  • So furniture isn’t squashed, damaged or scratched make sure you have the correct sized storage unit.
  • Raise furniture off the floor using wooden block or pallets – maybe you can find some lying around somewhere.
  • All furniture should be clean and dry before it goes into storage.
  • All furniture should be wrapped and covered loosely.
  • Disassemble large items, but keep the screws and fittings somewhere safe.
does furniture get ruined in storage
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can you store furniture in a storage container?

Furniture is the most common item to be stored in a storage unit, however, there are lots of other things you can use the storage unit for such as clothing, appliances, seasonal decorations, paperwork, books and collectables.

If you’re hiring a storage unit, there should be guidance on this, check with the person in charge if you’re unsure.

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is it ok to store wood furniture in the garage?

You can store wood furniture in your garage, but that doesn’t mean you should.

Wood is susceptible to the weather; it warps in extreme temperatures and different humidities, therefore, it may get ruined if it’s in the garage for too long.

how to wrap furniture for long-term storage

Storing furniture long-term is easier than you think – as long as the furniture is clean and dry, you only need to cover it loosely with plastic covers or fabric sheets. You could lay planks of wood on the floor to elevate the furniture and increase the air flow around it.

how to protect furniture in storage from mice

Lots of people worry about pest control in storage units, but most professional storage units should have this covered; for extra protection from little gnasher damage make sure you don’t store any food, keep furniture elevated and use pest control bait.

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where to store furniture in between moves?

There are lots of furniture storage solutions to suit your furniture storage needs; you only have to have a quick look on Google, but it can feel overwhelming.

If you need a short term solution, your moving company may be able to store it for you, but if it’s long-term storage you’re looking for then there should be some local storage centres in your area – keep an eye on Trust Pilot and Google reviews, to chose the best one.

how to store a couch in storage?

To avoid furniture deterioration preparation is key, cuz, lets face it, who wants to open the doors of a storage unit to a mouldy, moth-bitten and mouse infested sofa? Not me.

Make sure the couch is thoroughly cleaned before it goes into storage and disassemble it if possible. As with most furniture, the couch needs to be covered and wrapped for protection and should be elevated off the ground – wooden pallets are great for this.

Climate controlled storage is always best for furniture, including your fave settee! This will minimise the chances of it getting damp.

Make sure your couch has enough space (nobody wants a squashed sofa) and keep checking on it regularly for signs of moisture build up and pests.

does furniture get ruined in storage
photo: Daniel Fazio

does furniture go bad in storage/Will My Stuff Get Ruined In Storage?

Damage to furniture in storage is usually down to poor storage preparation; as long as you’ve followed my guide, then your furniture should be a-okay!

For extra protection against your furniture getting ruined, use a climate controlled unit and check the reviews online before you hire one.

how to revive furniture after storage?

Reviving furniture after storage depends on the type of furniture it is; couches, for example may need a steam clean, whereas wooden furniture may need a wipe down and a polish. Even if you cleaned your furniture well before it was stored, it’s inevitable that it’s going to require some TLC when you get it back out.

will furniture warp in storage unit?

If furniture isn’t kept in a climate controlled storage unit away from moisture, extreme temperatures and sunlight, then it may be at risk of warping as the weather changes.

If you’re storing your furniture long term then you’ll want to think properly about furniture storage conditions for the best furniture preservation.

Furniture storage tips:

To prevent damage to furniture in storage and to stop it getting ruined, here are my top tips:

  • Use climate controlled storage, especially when storing things long term.
  • Loosely cover furniture with dust sheets or plastic wrapping.
  • Never store any food with furniture and other items.
  • Keep furniture elevated on wooden block or pallets.
  • Makes sure furniture is deep cleaned and disassembled before being put into storage.
  • Make sure there is plenty of room in your storage unit to prevent furniture getting squashed, scratched and damaged.
  • Use pest control measures to deter mice and other creatures.
  • Inspect the storage unit regularly.
  • Once furniture is removed from storage, give it a proper clean and some TLC.

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