Is Arket home good quality?

Is Arket home good quality?

Maybe it’s just the people I hang around with, I am in my early 30s, but all I ever hear about is how great with a capital ‘G’ Arket is.

You may or may not have noticed, but for a high street store, Arket home is a little on the pricer side than say H&M, M&S or even Habitat.

The Swedish-born brand, Arket, is a modern-day market; the company wanted to offer a new way of shopping online and in stores – some of which include vegetarian cafes with a New Nordic food offering. Unlike other brands in the H&M group, Arket sell homeware sourced from other brands and small businesses in an attempt to tap into ethical craftsmanship.

As the proud owner (literally, brimming with pride) of Arket homeware pieces, I can put my hand on my heart and say Arket offer durable homeware products: they’re pretty, timeless and functional. What more could you want from design?

Due to their use of premium materials, Arket homewares have a reputation of excellence and a dedicated customer base (believe me, I know them personally).

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What does arket mean?

Arket, in Swedish, means “sheet of paper” which aims to capture everything the concept brand stands for.

Is Arket Home good quality?

San Raphael wild flower centrepiece plate – £59

Is Arket H&M?

Arket is owned by the H&M group and is considered the sister brand of H&M. When shopping in Arket and H&M, it’s easy to see links between the two brands with shapes, colours and modern designs.

Since 2023, Arket, Cos, Monki, & Other Stories and Weekday (which are all part of the H&M group) are available to shop on the H&M website. Not only is this a convenient way to shop, it reminds me of shopping on marketplace websites like ASOS and Zolando.

when was arket founded?

The H&M group launched Arket in the summer of 2017 to 18 European markets; the brand opened its Regent Street store on Friday 25th August 2017.

Is Arket Home good quality?

Wine glasses set of 2 – £18

does Arket have good quality?

The Arket quality review is never a mixed bag since their pieces are made so well and with longevity in mind – they are known for giving into style over trends.

I don’t know about you, but in comparison to other H&M group stores, I certainly notice the higher price tag when I’m shopping at Arket.

The brand focus on quality and sustainability when producing and sourcing their products – they want them to last a lifetime – which is what makes them more expensive than the likes of H&M. Therefore, Arket is great quality and a brand worth investing in.

what is arket famous for?

As well as high-quality, Arket is famous for its clean and simple approach to fashion and homewares. The brand presents itself as a modern-day market, with a cafe, menswear, childrenwear, womenswear and homeware all under one roof.

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is Arket sustainable and ethical?

According to Good On You, an online sustainability journal, Arket was give a sustainability and ethical rating of ‘it’s a start’ due to the below factors:

  • Arket works towards preventing deforestation in some of its supply chain.
  • Arket uses a science-based target to reduce it’s greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chain.
  • Arket has a score of 61%-70% in the fashion transparency index.
  • Arket has a formal animal welfare policy with Five Freedoms.
  • Arket uses a medium proportion of eco-friendly materials.

Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage dinner plate – £15

Who are arket’s competitors?

According to Similarweb, Arket’s main competitors online are & Other Stories, Weekday, Zara and Uniqlo. had 3.3 million visitors to its sight in May 2023; in its category, it ranks 106 in the world.

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how does arket delivery work in the uK?

As an Arket customer, I’ve found their delivery and returns service efficient and easy; it’s a great way to buy from Arket home UK.

For orders over £125, delivery from Arket is free of charge and will usually arrive between 3-4 working days after you’ve received your order confirmation.

Otherwise, standard home delivery is £5 and standard pickup locations delivery is £3.

If you want your order to arrive between 1-2 working days then it costs £10, but during high sale seasons this option may not be available.

Is Arket Home good quality? Flower vase clear glass tall

Irregular glass vase – £39

where are arket stores located?

Arket stores are situated across 14 different countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, South Korea, Switzerland, Estonia, France, Latvia, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.

The stores are in located in: Antwerp, Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Luxembourg, Busan, Seoul, Zurich, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tallinn, Paris, Riga (coming soon), Amsterdam, The Hague, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Birmingham and London.

Blue stoneware plate

Stoneware plate – £17.50

Jute runner rug hallway

Jute runner rug – £45

striped beach towel

Bath towel – £35

Is Arket Home good quality? lemon napkin ring

Guanabana napkin ring – £10

red string bag

Turtle string bag – £7

Is Arket Home good quality? candle holder silver metallic

Pols Potten folded candle holder – £59

blue bath towel

Bath towel – £18

Is Arket Home good quality? storage basket

Storage basket – £55

Is Arket Home good quality? fancy hand soap

Hand wash oakmoss – £12

Is Arket Home good quality?

Pols Potten drinking glass set of 2 – £29

Is Arket Home good quality? drinking glasses set of two blue

Pols Potten drinking glasses set of 2 – £29

Is Arket Home good quality? Grid check napkins

Afroart cotton napkins set of 2 – £14

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