The best colourful garden furniture in the uK

The best colourful garden furniture in the UK

Right. The sun is out. That’s it. It’s now obligatory for you do everything you’ve been doing inside, outside: eating, reading, working, napping – the lot! First though, you may need some garden furniture.

Growing up, garden furniture was all brown and brown, but these days we have some of the best colourful garden furniture available and ready to shop.

Over any other space in your home, the garden has the potential to bring the most joy; according to psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Sue Stuart-Smith in an interview in The English Garden, gardens connect us to nature’s powers of renewal which is calming and invigorating.

Colour plays such an important role in our well being so investing in colourful garden furniture is an opportunity to increase happiness in our day to day lives.

Grey blue bistro set colourful garden furniture

Rio 4 seater garden set – La Redoute £499

colourful garden furniture ideas

Garden furniture doesn’t have to be the same colour; for an eclectic look you can mix and match chairs and tables, or you can use different coloured furniture for ‘garden zoning’; this creates a multifunctional space and you can treat your garden like it has different ‘rooms’.

My home is very colourful so I wanted my garden to be an extension of that; I have bright coral chairs at the back for lounging and a bright blue bistro set at the front for dining; this makes the garden feel much bigger than it is and we certainly make the most out of it in the summer months.

what to look for when shopping for the best colourful garden furniture?

There are a couple of things to look out for when you’re on the hunt for colourful garden furniture, but above all else, just go for the set that brings a smile to your face.

Read reviews

Don’t forget to check product reviews before you purchase; I usually look at three star reviews, rather than the one star or the five star, I feel like they give a more balanced opinion.

Ask friends

There is nothing quite like hearing it from the horses mouth; asking people you trust is the best way to get a good recommendation.

Measure the furniture

You need it to actually fit into your garden so take a tape measure when you’re shopping around.

Weather Proof-ness

Is it weather proof? By nature, garden furniture should be weather proof, but some is going to fare better than others in extreme conditions.

If you’re anything like me, despite being well intentioned, putting away garden furniture often slips my mind, so you’ll want garden furniture that’s good come rain or shine – plastic furniture is great for this.


Unfortunately, not all garden sets are created equal; shop around and have a few wobble tests to see how durable it seems.

The best colourful garden furniture in the uk

Omari metal garden corner sofa – Homebase £700

how to make a colourful garden:

Other than colourful garden furniture, painted fences, flowers, and colourful flower pots are some of the ways you can create a colourful garden; a garden is a place we expect to see lots of colour so let your imagination run wild with this one.

the best colour for garden furniture:

Personal taste plays a big part in the colour of your garden furniture, but if you want to add lots of colour to your garden then go for colours which are going to ‘pop’ against the rest of your garden, like yellow which is a very happy-inducing colour.

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should you cover garden furniture in the winter?

To keep your garden furniture safe during the winter it’s best to cover it with garden furniture covers and store it somewhere dry (if possible), like a shed or a garage.

Make sure the furniture is clean and dry before you store it to save it from being ruined by dirt and damp.

Wooden garden furniture warps in extreme conditions so bare this in mind when you’re storing it – sheds and garages aren’t climate controlled so they’re susceptible to the weather.

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Scalloped pink 2 seater bistro set – Dunelm

can garden furniture be left outside?

Garden furniture can be left outside, especially if it’s plastic, if you don’t have anywhere to store it, but it should be protected with garden furniture covers. Of course, leaving it outside does mean it may weather more quickly than if it was stored inside.

can colourful garden furniture be left outside in the uK?

Painted garden furniture can be more prone to chipping if it’s left outside all year around, if you have the space then I would cover it and store it away.

Having said that, we kept our colourful chairs from Homebase under some tarpaulin during the winter (they were too wide for our shed) and they’re still in good nick two years later.

Acapulco adult garden chair – Homebase £60

can you put garden furniture on artificial grass?

Artificial grass is very durable, especially if you’ve invested in a good quality one, therefore, as long as your furniture doesn’t have any sharp edges it should be fine on top of it – think of it like your living room carpet and you should be grande!

can plastic garden furniture be painted?

Plastic furniture can be painted, yes, but it can be prone to chipping; make sure you use the right materials and be prepared to top it up every now and again.

best places to buy garden furniture in the UK

For high end garden furniture, The Conran Shop, Selfridges and Oliver Bonas have an excellent selection, but if you’re on a tighter budget then try John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, La Redoute, Homebase and Dunelm.

Colourful garden chairs:

The best colourful garden furniture in the uk - red chair wooden conran shop

AD 11 outdoor lounge chair – The Conran Shop £595

The Conran Shop Green Deck Chair

Classic Deck Chair – The Conran Shop £165

The best colourful garden furniture in the uK - blue cast iron chair

Seletti cast iron chair – Selfridges £246

The best colourful garden furniture in the uk - seletti deck chair funky garden furniture

Seletti sh*t foldable deck chair – Selfridges £130

Brights metal garden lounge chair, set of 2 – John Lewis £158

The best colourful garden furniture in the uk

Salsa garden chair, set of 2 – John Lewis £189

The best colourful garden furniture in the uk - pink garden chairs

Boston stackable garden armchairs – La Redoute £117.50

Yellow Homebase Garden chair

Acapulco adult garden chair – Homebase £60

The best colourful garden chairs

Metal garden lounge. chairs – John Lewis £158

Green garden chairs set of two john lewis

Miami garden dining chair, set of 2 – John Lewis £129

colourful garden furniture sets:

The best colourful garden furniture in the uk - green wooden bistro set

Dundena 3-piece garden set – La Redoute £199

The best colourful garden furniture in the UK blue bench and chair set

3-seater garden lounge metal set – John Lewis £267

orange garden bistro set john lewis

Camden 2-seater bistro set – John Lewis £119

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