The Best wall paint colour to hide imperfections

The best wall paint colour to hide imperfections.

Part of my bedroom renovation involved re-plastering the walls (after lots and lots and lots of wallpaper stripping). What a JOY it was to paint fresh plaster – the finish was as smooth as silk.

Luckily or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the rest of the house didn’t need the same treatment – I could get away without the plasterer.

However, some of the walls did have a few imperfections that needed camouflaging with the right paint colour.

Choosing the right paint to conceal blemishes and hide imperfections on your wall isn’t too difficult; for the perfect cover-up choose a dark paint colour in a matt finish.

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Paint with a gloss finish bounces and reflects light, rather than absorbing it, which makes any lumps and bumps more visible. This is similar to dark paint which will absorb light rather than reflect it and therefore, disguise the bits you don’t want people to see.

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how to hide wall imperfections with paint

When you’re not blessed with perfect walls and you’re not ready to re-plaster, textured paint is a great way to hide any wall imperfections. This can give such a lovely finish and be a stunning feature in a room.

If you don’t want to go down this route though, however, a dark matt paint will do the job, too.

the best exterior paint colour to hide imperfections

Our exterior walls see it all – they have a lot to put up with so its no wonder they can end up looking battered. Before you jump onto the phone to a re-rendering company, you can use a good paint to cover up some imperfections here and there.

It’s important to use a good-quality exterior paint in a matt finish, especially if you’re trying to cover up blemishes. The darker the colour of the exterior paint, the better.

The best wall paint for exterior walls to hide imperfections

Sandtex textured masonry paint mid stone – Homebase £36

thick paint to hide imperfections

Choosing the right paint will do a good job at hiding wall imperfections and flaws, but if you want to go one step further then a Polycell base coat, which is a very thick paint, will add an extra layer of camouflage – your walls will be looking good as new.

Polycell also offer a plaster repair for any larger issues; it comes pre-mixed and you can apply it before the base coat.

the best wall paint colour to hide imperfections

Polycell 3 in 1 base coat – £50

The best wall paint to hide imperfections

Polycell ready mix plaster repair Polyfilla – Homebase £17

textured paint to hide imperfections:

the best textured paint to hide imperfections on a wall

Crafted suede textured wall paint – Homebase £28

Crafted suede textured wall paint – Homebase £28

the best wall paint to hide imperfections:

the best wall paint colour to hide imperfections - deep purple

Dulux one coat matt emulsion – Homebase £21

the best wall paint colour to hide imperfections - rose pink

Crafted interior wall and wood paint – Homebase £36

crafted by Crown interior wall paint for imperfections dark grey

Crafted interior wall – Homebase £36

dark green paint to camouflage wall imperfections and bumps

Crafted interior wall – Homebase £36

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