is purple furniture in style?

Is purple furniture in style in 2023?

My mother has a very strong reaction to purple; she hates it, but I love it, especially when it comes in shades like lilac.

I can see why this might be a polarising colour – deep purple does remind me of rock music and my sister’s bedroom from the 90s, but that’s no reason to discard every shade of purple ever.

With the rise in pastel colour palettes over the past couple of years, soft purples have been very on trend. In turn, so are purple things, like purple furniture, decorations, paint and clothing.

Is purple furniture in style - Mustard Made Low Down Locker Purple Lilac

Mustard Made low down – Trouva £289

In 2023, purple furniture can be found in magazines, showrooms and furniture retailers – consumers can’t get enough of it. To be honest, neither can I; I have a purple locker in my office and purple painted doors on my landing.

Colour psychologists say we associate purple with luxury and power; according to ‘the blue tones’ in purple ‘bring in a sense of relaxation and stability, which alongside the energy of red synthesises to create a feeling of wisdom and good sense.’

Basically, purple is a pretty good colour to have in your home; it’s bang on trend and it’ll make us feel wise and relaxed – who doesn’t want that?!

The best purple lamp

Metal lamp – H&M £34.99

what colours go with purple furniture?

Grey is a staple colour in most people’s homes right now and purple is a perfect match for any shade of grey; the cool tones in both colours compliment each other perfectly.

If grey isn’t your thing, you’ll chuffed to hear that purple goes with an abundance of colours, much like the colour pink.

Here are some ideas for purple colour combinations:

  • Purple and green
  • Purple and red
  • Purple and metallics
  • Purple and pink
  • Purple and blue
  • Purple and yellow
  • Purple and orange
  • Purple and black
  • Purple and white
  • Purple with different variations of purple
  • Purple and multicolours
  • Purple and brown

is purple a good colour for a sofa?

Purple is a wonderful choice for a sofa; if you go for a mid-shade purple then it’s going to stay looking cleaner for longer than anything very dark or very light, which is always good news.

Purple sofa’s add the energy of a red sofa without being too overpowering and stimulating for your brain. You’ll feel like a relaxed royalty sitting on a purple sofa.

is purple furniture in style uk - purple sofa

Squishmeister – Loaf £2435

is purple a good colour for a living room?

Purple living rooms look great; lots of people go for a purple feature wall as way of incorporating this intense colour, however, it can look smashing all over the walls or even on woodwork as a nice feature.

If you want your living room to feel high-end then purple is a very suitable colour choice; to create a deluxe space full of character then mix and match it with lots of greens and golds.

The best purple for a living room craig and rose paint

Violet slate, Craig and Rose – Homebase £42

why do interior designers use purple?

As we’ve discussed here, well, as I’ve been banging on about, purple is a very luxurious colour which is often associated with royalty (think crowns and cloaks and what not), therefore, interior designers use this colour to elevate a space and make it feel luxurious.

Is purple furniture in style?

Effie tripod chair – Urban Outfitters £550

is purple furniture in style for a bedroom?

Often, people will associate a purple bedroom with a child’s bedroom, but that doesn’t need to be the case; purple can be a really mature and affluent colour which makes it great for all bedrooms and bedroom furniture. Due to this, purple bedroom furniture is very popular.

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The best purple furniture:

is purple furniture in style?

Marshmallow side table – Anthropologie £158

Lilac cocktail chair purple chair living room

Elsie velvet chair – Dunelm £99

Is purple furniture in style uk

Kartell pilastro stool – Selfridges £297

Is purple furniture in style - lavendar always pan

Always pan, Our Place – Selfridges £130

Is purple furniture in style Tekla bedding

Single organic duvet cover, Tekla – Selfridges £115

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