Is green furniture in style?

Is green furniture in style?

Green is the new grey, apparently.

As grey is far from one of my favourite colours, I’m very happy about this news.

Green furniture has been popular since, well…forever! We’re talking Egyptians. However, it can be seen in lots of contemporary design which makes it an eco-friendly colour to choose for furniture – you won’t want to throw it out anytime soon, you know.

Why is green a good colour?

Is green furniture in style?

Bambou bar green mahogany wood sideboard – £795

Incorporating green furniture into our living spaces has never been so easy: green furniture is everywhere and for good reason.

The colour green reminds us of nature and has the power to bring the outside in which makes us feel relaxed and at one with the world.

According to “green is highly connected to nature”, therefore, green furniture can calm us down and bring peace.

Is green furniture in style in 2023?

Alana green storage console – Urban Outfitters £169

Is green on trend for 2023?

In all its glory, the colour green is extremely popular across fashion and design this 2023. No shade has been left out when it comes to green: lime, forest, emerald, neon and khaki are all fashionable.

What colours go well with green furniture?

For interior design and decorating, green is a lovely colour to work with because it goes with most other colours on the colour wheel.

For over half a decade, green and pink has been extremely popular, but green also looks stunning when paired with orange, blue and purple, too.

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Tip: green can have a lot of different undertones which decide if it’s a cool or a warm colour – take this into account when you’re decorating.

Is green a good colour for furniture?

Green is one of the most perfect colours for furniture: it adds, not only colour, but serenity and nature into your interiors.

Lots of green furniture is a mid-range green which stays clean looking for longer than a very dark or very warm colour. When it comes to interior design, this is always a bonus – nobody wants to spend their life scrubbing stains out, do they?

Is green a good colour for a sofa?

Is a green sofa in style

Squishmeister sofa – Loaf £2435

Green has been a popular sofa choice for a couple of years now and styling a green sofa is lots of fun; just as you’d find in nature, you can mix and match green with so many different colours patterns and textures to add lots of interest and put your own spin on it.

My brother and sister-in-law have a stunning olive green sofa, but despite living on a wide-beam canal boat with two dogs, it still looks as good as new.

To dress a green sofa, think of it like an outfit: add a contrasting cushion, but a blanket that ties the sofa and cushion together, or vice versa.

does grey furniture go with green walls?

Green and grey is a great colour palette for interiors; grey furniture can look stunning against green walls. To add interest, don’t be afraid to add another colour to the combination – orange or purple would be a smashing mix, for example.

Is green furniture in style for a living room?

Green living room furniture is a great choice – although it’s a timeless living room colour, it couldn’t be more in style this 2023 and you’d be hard pushed to find a living room style which doesn’t suit the shade.

is green furniture in style for a bedroom?

Green is a relaxing colour which is exactly how you want to feel in your bedroom. Am I right? Therefore, green works well in a bedroom, be that on the furniture or the walls.

green living room furniture

Is green furniture in style?

Matmat ceramic side table – La Redoute £175

Is green furniture in style? green coffee table

Studio coffee table – Habitat £150

green side table metal

Alana green side table – Urban Outfitters £169

stylish green furniture

Is green furniture in style? Green cupboard with draws and glass doors

Fern cabinet – Urban Outfitters £2,498

green bedside table

Hem bedside table – John Lewis £129

green set of draws

Ryan rolling storage cabinet – £149

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