What colour goes with green bedding?

What colour goes with green bedding?

As consumers, we can’t move for the colour green – it’s everywhere, including our bedding.

Green bedding is a great choice because the colour green is a peaceful and harmonious, therefore, it can help us wind down at night and aid a good sleep.

Luckily, green goes well with lots of different colours: light or dark, but when picking out a colour palette that suits you, there are a couple of things to consider:

personal style and taste

It might seem as though there are a lot of ‘rules’ when it comes to picking a colour palette and choosing a colour scheme for your bedroom and bedding, however, the most important thing to remember is that it’s your space – you have to like it. As long as you like it, then it doesn’t matter what the rules do or don’t say.

what colour goes with green bedding?

Washed cotton duvet cover – M&S from £37.50


Colours have the power to change our emotions which means they have a huge impact on the atmosphere of the spaces we inhibit.

According to verywellmind.com “certain colours have been associated with psychological changes”, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when you’re picking your bedroom colour scheme.

Blue is a calm colour whereas yellow is energetic, therefore, blue might be better than yellow when you’re picking a colour to compliment green bedding.

patchwork quilt oliver bonas

Patchwork multicolour velvet bedspread – Oliver Bonas £165


A perfect colour scheme is all very well and good, but its not great for the planet if you have to throw something out because it doesn’t match; if you can make use of what you’ve already got then extra Brownie points for you.

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It’s just as important for our homes to be practical as it is for them to be beautiful; if you have four dogs and four children then silk white cushions with green bedding might not be the best idea. Design your interiors to suit your lifestyle/how much you fancy cleaning.

what colour goes with green bedding? urban outfitters ruffle bedding

Washed sage ruffle duvet set – Urban Outfitters £65

what colour goes with green bedding?

Once you’ve weighed up all your options its time to pick your colour scheme; one of the reasons I love green so much myself is because it works with every other colour.

Green paired with pink, orange, grey, black, blue and lilac are very popular colour schemes right now, but there is no need to stick to these six colours – the world is your oyster!

what colour curtains go with green bedding?

Of course, you can go green-on-green with curtains and bedding, but if you want to pick something slightly more interesting then there is no need to stick to a monochrome scheme.

If you want something luxurious then purple or navy would be nice, but for something more joyful then try yellow or orange.

Piglet in bed green duvet cover

Pear washed cotton percale duvet cover – Piglet in Bed from £59

what colour goes with sage green bedding?

Sage green is a very soft shade of green which feels very natural, therefore, it would look great paired with warm, earthy tones and soft colours – think colour schemes you’d find in nature, like sandy beige, rose pink and tan brown.

what colour goes with green bedding?

King duvet cover – John Lewis £49

what colour goes with green bedding? green striped bedding

Cotton blend watercolour lines bedding set – M&S from £17.50

what colour goes with green bedding?

Textured plain green bedding set – Habitat £26

Dunelm budget green duvet cover

Fern green plain dye duvet cover – Dunelm £20.80

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