Should I move to Ramsgate or Margate?

How to decide which seaside town to move to: Margate or Ramsgate?

When me and my husband were moving from London to Kent, it was Margate or Margate.

We were adamant.

We’d visited the place for a mini-break when we started dating so the town played a big part in ‘the story of us’; plus there were loads of influencers and artists living there, which made it very appetising for a wannabe blogger and pop-star.

should I move to margate or ramsgate? kent
photo: Joshua Brown

Labelled as ‘the place to be’, we had our hearts set on the quirky seaside town and that was that.

It was hard to leave the city behind, but as soon as we discovered what Kent had up its sleeve, we fell in love with the whole county, not just Margate.

As wonderful as Margate is, its not the ~only~ place to live in Kent, there are many hidden gems, particularly the neighbouring towns of Ramsgate and Broadstairs.

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Margate was a great place to invest in property and, for many first time buyers, a great way of getting on the property ladder, however, due to its rising popularity you’ll get a bit more for you money up the road in Ramsgate.

Love coffee? Obsessed with food? Then Margate IS the place for you, but I have to say, Ramsgate is catching up and since its a bigger town, I wouldn’t be shocked if it overtook Margate in the years to come.

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should I move to margate or ramsgate?
photo: Greg Wilson

Is Ramsgate a good place to live?

Ramsgate has a lot to offer – the property is good value, there is a short commute to London and it sits on Kent’s coastline; which has stunning views out to sea and lots of great coastal walks. There are local schools and even a Waitrose supermarket.

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Is Margate a good place to live?

Margate is definitely a good place to live; there are a lot of things ‘to do’ in Margate such as visiting the theme park, Dreamland, axe throwing, mini golf, ten pin bowling and water sports.

The nightlife in Margate is thriving with clubs, pubs and bars throughout the Old Town, High Street and Cliftonville.

should I move to margate or ramsgate? margate main sands
photo: Max Letek

There are plenty of parks and green spaces in Margate, which are perfecting for walking, exercising and taking out your dog (presuming you have one, of course). Not forgetting one of its main attractions – the long stretch of sandy beach which is a delight all year round.

Overall, Margate has a strong sense of community as well as a big arts and music scene. You’ll only be here a short while before you can’t go anywhere without bumping into a friendly face and someone you know; be that a local barista or the new friend you made on the beach that morning.

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Is Ramsgate up and coming?

Ramsgate has been named one of the next ‘up and coming’ places in the UK; lots of the Londoners who settled in Margate are beginning to migrate there and in 2022, The Metro listed Ramsgate as one of the next property hotspots.

should I move to margate or ramsgate? Margate Harbour arm.
photo: Matteo Di Lorio

You can still ‘bag yourself a bargain’ in Ramsgate and you can certainly get a bit more for your money (in comparison to Margate), but I’m sure that won’t last long, living here, you can already see a shift.

‘Cool’ independent shops and cafes are littering the town centre, there is a huge new development being built on the sea front and Thanet Parkway, a new high speed rail service which opens in May 2023, will get you into London in under an hour.

All of these big changes, including lots of new funding, are set to send property prices rocketing and increase demand for the town.

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Is Margate up and Coming?

Margate has had a huge resurgence over the past decade – it’s been named ‘one of the ‘most up and coming place in the UK right now’ by The London Economic.

should I move to margate or ramsgate? Margate beach
photo: Ferran Feixas

Flats and houses have been snapped up by Londoners who want that seaside lifestyle, but with the Big Smoke only a short train ride away.

House prices have been steadily increasing and were up 25% since 2015 and rose by 4% in the last year alone.

Is Margate a rough area?

Thanet has been a deprived area for a very long time and Margate was no exception, however, with its rise in popularity and the gentrification of the town, it’s become a much safer place to live.

Some parts are still a little ‘rough around the edges’, but for many of the locals that’s all part of its charm.

Is buying in Margate a good investment?

Buying in Margate is a good investment, however, houses aren’t quite as cheap as they were a couple of years ago and you’re less likely to get something for a real steal.

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Is Margate a good property investment?

Homeowners have seen property prices in Margate sky rocket over the past couple of years, with lots of them gaining a huge return on their investment, however, considering the current economic climate, many expect this to level out.

Why are Londoners moving to Margate?

High property prices, over population and the ability to work from home are driving Londoners out of the capital and into commuter towns like Margate.

For many, Margate feels like a borough of London (it’s infamously known as Shoreditch-on-sea), but with more space, sandy beaches and a wonderful place to bring up a family.

should I move to margate or ramsgate? Margate cliffs and costal path.
photo: @lindsey_isla

With more affordable property prices than London, Margate appeals to first time buyers as it’s much easier to get on the property ladder.

Lastly, Margate is an exciting and fun place to live; there is an abundance of places to eat, drink and shop, as well as a lively arts scene and a community spirit like no other.

What are the best areas of Margate to live?

should I move to margate or ramsgate? Oast in Cliftonville, Margate.
photo: @lindsey_isla

There are lots of desirable places to live in Margate; if you’re after somewhere with a buzz then Cliftonville is a great spot – it was named by Time Out in 2022, as the ‘coolest neighbourhood in the UK’.

The Old Town is also pretty lively, however, it might get a little too noisy in the summer, when the tourists are about, so if you’re after something quieter and leafier then Palm Bay and Botany Bay are very beautiful places to settle.

What are people like in Margate?

Margate is a very friendly place to live; it has a very rich culture with people from all walks of life living as neighbours. It’s very easy to settle into the community in Margate and it won’t be long before you start bumping into people in the street that you know.

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Is Ramsgate run-down?

As I mentioned before, the Thanet district is known to be a deprived area and there are parts of Ramsgate (and Margate) that are quite run-down. However, with millions being invested into the town and many developments already taking shape, change is on the horizon.

What is the beach like in Ramsgate?

The beach which links Broadstairs and Ramsgate, named the Dumpton Gap, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Kent coast. If you have a four-legged friend, the beach is a very popular place to walk them. Other than this, Ramsgate has a small beach and a beautiful harbour in the town centre.

What is Ramsgate famous for?

Ramsgate is famous for its Royal Harbour and Marina, network of tunnels and the UK’s largest JD Wetherspoons.

Are house prices rising in Ramsgate?

According to Cook and Co. house prices in Ramsgate have risen almost 3% since the end of 2022.

Is Ramsgate a nice town?

Ramsgate is a nice town and thanks to investment, regeneration and new transport links, its set to get even better.

should I move to margate or ramsgate?
photo: @lindsey_isla

The bones of the town are great with lots of green spaces, stunning architecture and a gorgeous Royal Harbour and Marina.

Areas such as Addington Street and Military Road are filled with independent shops, restaurants and cafes; giving Ramsgate its ‘cool factor’ and the high street is full of local amenities.

There are plenty of churches, museums, historical sights and schools as well as leisure centres, gyms and exercise studios – you won’t get bored here.

Ramsgate is a charming town and while it has its scruffy side, it certainly has its pretty side too.

Should I move to Margate or Ramsgate?

An an ex-Londoner myself, I believe you can be happy in either Margate or Ramsgate and the beauty of it is, they’re right next door to each other. If you want to be ahead of the curve, then now is the time to head over to Ramsgate, but if you can’t bare to miss out on any action, then Margate is the place for you.

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