Can you wallpaper over wallpaper?

Can new wallpaper be applied over old wallpaper?

If you’re wondering how you cover old wallpaper without removing it then I hear you – wallpaper stripping is not a fun task.

My partner and I had the joy of removing painted wood chip wallpaper a couple of years ago.

To remove it we used a water, washing up liquid and vinegar solution; to this day, the smell of vinegar brings back memories – haven’t been able to look at chips the same way since.

Of course, we could have wallpapered over the wallpaper, but it wasn’t in good enough condition; not to mention that the wallpaper was holding up the plaster too.

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Can you wallpaper over wallpaper?

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Is it better to wallpaper over wallpaper?

In some cases, wallpapering over wallpaper is possible, however, to get the best finish, it’s wise to remove the old wallpaper and start again.

You can double layer wallpaper, but most professionals would recommend against it.

When it comes to lining paper though, this can totally be wallpapered over – that’s exactly what it’s meant for. If your walls are uneven or a bit lumpy and bumpy, then the lining paper will provide a smooth and stable surface for your brand new wallpaper.

Can you wallpaper over wallpaper?

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Can you wallpaper over old painted wallpaper?

As long as the painted wallpaper is smooth, without any lumps, bubbles or bumps then the painted wallpaper can be used as a base for new wallpaper. Despite this though, it might take longer and a bit more elbow grease, for the best outcome, I’d recommend removing the old wallpaper first.

Can you wallpaper over wallpaper?

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How do you hang new wallpaper over old wallpaper?

Firstly, you need to check your wallpaper doesn’t have a vinyl coating – a vinyl coating means the wallpaper glue won’t dry and your wallpaper will fall and slip off the walls. Can you imagine that disaster?!

To check if it does have a vinyl coating, you’ll want to wet the wallpaper ,if it doesn’t leave a water mark then it is a vinyl wallpaper and you can’t wallpaper over it.

If it isn’t vinyl wallpaper, then make sure your wallpaper is in good condition by checking it for problem areas and bumps – apply filler if you need to – and then hang your new wallpaper as you normally would.

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Does peel and stick wallpaper work over old wallpaper?

If your wallpaper is dark or heavily patterned then it might not be wise to stick peel and stick wallpaper over the top – you might see it through the new wallpaper.

Similarly to this, if the wallpaper is in bad condition then peel and stick isn’t going to look very good over the top of it – you’ll see all the flaws.

However, a good quality peel and stick should adhere to most surfaces so it’s up to you to assess if the previous wallpaper will provide a smooth enough surface or not.

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What can I put over old wallpaper?

If you don’t want to take the old wallpaper down then you can always paint over the top of the wallpaper. This is a quick and easy option for covering wallpaper that’s not to your taste.

Is it hard to remove wallpaper?

Removing wallpaper may take a bit of time and effort, however, once you get into the swing of it, it’s not a very difficult thing to do – talking from experience here, but removing the last piece of wallpaper from the wall is a very satisfying thing to do.

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Will thick wallpaper cover uneven walls?

The thicker and better quality your wallpaper is, the better it will look on your walls. Uneven walls will show up through the wallpaper making it look messy and badly finished. In order to prevent this, make sure you get your wall in to the best condition possible before wallpapering and if you need to, add a lining paper first for an extra layer.

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