Barbie interiors: what is the Barbiecore trend?

It’s a Barbie world after all.

The world has gone mad for Barbie: Barbie’s on the side of buses, the front of t-shirts and all over my WhatsApp chats. This Barbie-explosion hasn’t formed out of the blue, it’s down to Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film which is out at the end of the month.

The Barbiecore trend (last year’s top trend) went viral on TikTok when Margot Robbie (playing Barbie) was pictured in a full hot pink western outfit, from that moment on, pink clothing searches increased by over 400%.

It doesn’t stop with fashion though, Barbiecore has taken over the interiors world too. As a Barbie and a pink fan, I’m here for it. How about you?

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Barbie interiors: what is the barbiecore trend?

Bluebell 3 Seat Sofa in Prism Stripe Olivia Rubin Cotton – £2,260

What is Barbie aesthetic?

Of course, the Barbie aesthetic is primarily pink with lots of feminine touches; it’s a celebration of anything hyper-feminine with pops of colour and maximalism.

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Thanks to the Barbiemania of 2022, the colour pink was trending last year. Seasons may have come and go, but with the Barbie film being released at the end of July, we’ve not seen the end of the colour pink – many are expecting another wave of all-pink-everything.

For interiors, pink has been growing in popularity for a long time, but in most recent months pink has been more readily available – even the likes of Magnet and Homebase are offering pink kitchens while smaller brands, like Dowsing and Reynolds, are offering pink kitchen taps and hardware.

Pink scalloped placemats

2 pink scalloped edged placemats – Dunelm £6

is there a real barbie dream house?

Thanks to Air BnB, fans of Barbie can now stay in a Barbie dream house; if you fancy a trip to a Malibu Mansion, then you can make your Barbie dreams come true. The Californian-mansion offers ocean-views and a roller disco rink. I’m already packing my pink-suitcase, wanna come for a ride?

What is Barbie’s full name?

Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts; Barbie was named after Ruth Handler’s (the infamous Barbie inventor) daughter.

How to have a barbie lifestyle

Here’s HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE’s top picks to live like Barbie

Barbie interiors: what is the barbiecore trend?

Bluebell medium square footstool in Prism Strip Olivia Rubin – £610

Barbie interiors: what is the barbiecore trend?

Feleti outdoor coffee table – £37.50

Mustard Made Pink locker in blush

Mustard Made blush locker – Urban Outfitters £260

Barbie interiors: what is the barbiecore trend?

Sunnylife utopia rainbow beach umbrella – £90

Piglet in bed pink bedding

Stripe cotton bedding – Piglet in Bed from £25

Olivia Rubin cushion

Scatter cushion in Prism – £72.50

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