What is the most popular shade of blue?

What is the most popular shade of blue?

Back in 2015, a worldwide survey by yougov.com revealed blue as the most popular colour across 10 countries and continents. In 2023, people are still obsessed with all things blue.

In my little colourful house, my bedroom is painted blue; the only regret I have is that I didn’t paint more of my house blue. Blue is a lovely colour to live in; I feel relaxed as soon as I go in there.

what is the most common shade of blue?

Although they’re at opposite ends of spectrum, sky blue and navy blue are the most popular shades of blue to decorate with.

Blue’s peaceful and calming nature makes it a popular colour choice for our homes; according to drench.co.uk, Farrow & Ball’s ‘Hague Blue’ (a deep-dark blue with green undertones) is the number one shade for a kitchen in the UK.

what is the most popular shade of blue?

Farrow and ball Hague Blue – Homebase £43.20

what shade of blue is the best?

Discovering the best shade of blue is subjective – different shades of blue are suited to different types of personalities, rooms and interior styles. For example, electric blue might be more suited to a kitchen rather than a bedroom because it has a lot of energy in the colour. Whereas sky blue might be more suitable for a bedroom where you want to be as relaxed and as calm as possible.

Dulux Heritage Ultramarine – Homebase £35.20

what is the most famous blue paint?

When it comes to living room paint colours, Farrow and Ball’s ‘Hague Blue’ accounted for 44% of the top five Googled paint colours. Making this deep shade of blue a very popular choice indeed.

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what is the calmest shade of blue?

A research study carried out by the University of Sussex suggests that dark blue is the most relaxing colour because it is strongly associated to feelings of calm.

what is the most popular shade of blue

Dulux Sapphire Salute – Homebase £20

what is the most pure blue colour?

The most pure blue colour is a shade which excludes any hues and undertones of other colours like green-blues and violet-blues.

what is the prettiest blue in the world?

The prettiest shade of blue is subjective; it will vary from person to person – we all have different tastes and preferences. However, fans of artist Yves Klein may tell you that Klein blue, based on ultramarine blue, is the prettiest shade of blue in the world.

what is the most common shade of blue?

Sky blue or baby blue is most common in art, design and everyday language; the colour is reminiscent of the sky on a clear day and it makes people think of tranquility and serenity. Sky blue is an easy colour to incorporate into your decor since the shade is used across a wide variety of items and paint colours.

What is the most popular shade of blue?

Crown Moonlight Bay – Homebase £26

how many shades of blue are there?

There are countless shades of the colour blue, however, some are more widely recognised than others such as sky blue, baby blue, navy blue, cobalt blue, teal, powder blue, cornflower blue, sapphire blue and indigo blue.

powder blue paint

Blue homeware edit

What is the most popular shade of blue? Blue lamp

Joyce candlestick table lamp – Dunelm £15

Large blue planter

Maddison blue planter – Homebase £12.95

blue bedding sky blue H&M

Cotton duvet cover set – H&M from £34.99

what is the most popular shade of blue? Navy blanket

Jaquard-weave merino wool blanket – H&M £79.99

what is the most popular shade of blue

Stoneware soap dispenser – H&M £12.99

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